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Poultry Farming: Before You Set Up Your Farm   7 comments

This is the 9th post on this blog.
Are you a Nigerian? Are you interested in Chicken Farming?

I wish to share with you my knowledge and farm experience in Poultry Farming.This blog and its posts are targeted at people especially Nigerians who wish to invest in poultry farming business and who need accurate information and guidance about how to go about it.

This post may not make any meaning to until you have read all the previous posts on this blog.Please do so now,if you are interested in poultry(chicken) farming but have no experience and knowledge in it.The real facts of the business will be laid bare to you on this blog.

Poultry farming is one of the most viable businesses any one can do either on a small or large scale. The bulk of Nigeria’s poultry needs is met by imports either directly or by smugglers which confirms the existence of a large market.
The present high cost of chicken and eggs indicate the level of scarcity of the products. Besides the ready market awaiting the products, all the needed materials including feed and machinery are locally available here in Nigeria.

On this blog, you will be presented with sincere facts about the business, the beautiful as well as the ugly aspects of the business to give you a balanced opinion to make up your mind.You will see the two sides of the coin very clearly.

Setting up a poultry farm, the following are essential:
1) The chickens have special needs and you as a chicken farmer should be prepared to do what it takes to meet their needs.If you cannot, better to find another business.

2)Set up and operational costs (Cost Analysis)
You need to know the start-up & operational costs of the poultry venture before you start it. Some start foolishly,then get stuck and stranded along the way.The chickens don’t listen to your stories that there is no money to feed them.You must find the money.

3) It is essential that you understand the important and essential aspects of chicken farming which work together to make a profitable farm a reality.What has been posted on this blog is only the tip of the ice in poultry farming.There is much more detail to learn to be able to do well in it.There are essential management issues about the business which must be understood and not to be taken for granted.

4) See the business as an investment and pay attention to it.
5) Understand chicken housing design and minimum floor space requirements. Get it right before you start,else you are in trouble.
6) The management of the farm is one of the most crucial elements i.e. who will manage the farm.
7)Other factors.

If you are interested in more detailed information about the business,beyond what has been posted on this blog,you may get any or all of the poultry reports on layer and broiler farming which discuss the important and essential factors in greater detail.

The reports include photos of chickens in a farm setting highlighting common errors some farmers make which often leads to losses and how to avoid them.These reports are informative and contain all the essential details a starter needs to know to set up a poultry farm in present day Nigeria.With the information in these reports, no starter can have any problem about setting a poultry farm business.

The detail of how to access any of the reports is stated in the first blog post below titled ‘Poultry Farming:Basics for Starters. Meanwhile,read all the posts below for valuable free information about the business.

Poultry farming for a Newbie: Counting the Cost before Starting   2 comments

This post is the second on this blog.
In poultry farming,feed costs is the major overhead.For a beginner,it is wise to count the cost before starting out.You should know how much it will cost you to feed a certain number of chickens for a given period for instance,how much to feed day old chickens from day one to about 18-22 weeks that egg production is expected to commence.

It is either you use ready made feeds to feed your chickens or you formulate your own feed which could be cheaper for you but the cost effectiveness of feed formulation plan depends on your scale of operations.

If you are a newbie and want to have knowledge(an informed opinion) of what it takes to do this business, you may get our recommended reports on layer and broiler chicken farming. As an intending investor,you need set-up estimates to have an idea of the financial outlay especially the feeding cost from day one to 22 weeks and beyond.You should know how to make a realistic income forecast taking into account the general rule in egg production and its exceptions to arrive at a reasonable estimate.

I learnt of a farmer who went into poultry business rearing layers.He did not count the cost before starting the farm.He started their feeding with commercial feeds.Along the way, he became cash strapped.He panicked by changing the feed but without proper guidance.He changed abruptly to a cheaper feed which was probably wrongly formulated.

At the end of the day,the chickens egg production was too poor due to the abrupt change in their feed.It was a disastrous outing as he had to close down and sell off in frustration at a huge loss.Before changing their feed,get proper counsel from an animal nutritionist and better still make adequate financial provision to feed the birds for at least 22 weeks.To formulate your own feed on your own farm,consult a nutritionist for advice.


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