Poultry (Chicken)Farming in Nigeria:Basic & Unique Reports For Starters

This is the 1st of over 37 highly informative posts on this blog about poultry farming business created for Nigerians. Poultry farming is lucrative in Nigeria but also a sensitive business. However, the sensitivity is manageable and the message of this blog is to encourage you to set up a small chicken farm.

In Nigeria, the market is very large and the market for eggs is price inelastic. Do not allow anyone to deceive you to invest in it, making you believe that it is an easy road or a get-rich -quick route without sweat because it is not. However, there is assurance that if well managed from inception, it will provide you with a steady regular source of income. Guaranteed!

There are three types of chickens in the context of this blog. There are the pullets commonly known as layers in Nigeria and are reared for egg production and the most lucrative. The second type is the broiler chicken for meat production. The third type is the cockerel also reared for meat production.

It requires having the right knowledge to be able to do the right things at the right time to get the right results. It requires hard work and prompt attention to details. Starting small is the best way to enter and learn the business. You may start with as low as 100-500 chickens depending on your pocket to learn it. If you can operate 100-500 chicks successfully, then you can do any number of chickens. What you will learn from 100-500 chickens tells you whether you can cope with larger numbers. That is one of the ways to know how to cross the bridge before getting there.

Before you go into any business ask yourself,’ what knowledge or skill or experience am i bringing into this business? Provide a sincere answer to it but if you cannot, just suspend that plan and go look for knowledge through apprenticeship or formal schooling or self development avenues such as books and manuals on the topic.

To have an informed opinion of poultry farming, the following poultry reports are recommended. But please read all the posts on this blog before taking a decision to get any of the following reports:

1) How to set up and operate a profitable poultry (layer) farm in Nigeria (A Beginner’s guide) N2500.00

2) How to set up and operate a profitable broiler chicken farm (A Starter’s Guide) N2500.00.Updated in June 2014 with the profit analysis for rearing a broiler to 7 weeks.

3) The third report is titled ‘Compounded Feed Mix for layers & broilers (A Beginner’s Guide) for details, see post on Feed Plans & Costs above. N2500.00

4)The 4th report, recently updated in February 2013, is a Cost of Operations analysis for set up of 1000 layers chicken farm and includes the following:

a)      The basics of egg production figures in layers chickens:
it explains how to make realistic egg revenue projection, not bogus figures based on common wrong assumptions. And it explains the general rule in egg production and the six exceptions to the rule apply to arrive at realistic egg projections which many Nigerians are not aware of, or do not understand, and which makes a huge difference in poultry farming management.

b)      The food consumption of a layers chicken in kg from day old age to 56 days old

The food consumption of a layers chicken in kg from 57 days old to 140 days old

The food consumption level of a layers chicken in kg from day age 141 days to end of egg production

c)       The cost and breakdown of equipment required to set up a 1000 bird layers farm

d)      How to calculate the feeding cost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

e)      The principles or rules guiding feeding in layers chickens

f)       The principles that determine profitability in layers chickens
The cost is N2500.00

5) The 5th report is Chicken Disease Control &Drug Administration Report which discusses the more common poultry diseases affecting chickens in Nigeria to watch out for (cause, symptoms, treatment &prevention). Also, a guidance on vaccine administration from day 1 to end of egg production. It costs N2500.00

6) The 6th report is a valuable report which discuss the following details:
A)The factors to note before setting up a home backyard
B) The 22 major variables to take note of in poultry farming
C) How to address the loop in egg production that farm staff can exploit to your disadvantage
D) Other atrocities committed by farm staffs and dishonest consultants that can cause losses & preventive measures
E)Recommended places to get some poultry products and services.
The cost is N2500.00. If you are interested in layer farming, this 6th report is an essential, in addition to Report 1(layer report) above.

There is no duplication of the free content in all the blog posts in any of the 6 reports above. You are getting real value for your investment…Guaranteed.

7) Report 7 is a Profitability Analysis for 12 months for a 1000 layers laid out on MS Excel format. It is similar to report 4 but is a more detailed analysis. See blog post 18 above titled ‘Profit Analysis for Starters’ for full details of the contents.It complements Report 4.The cost is N5000.00. It also has the broiler profit analysis from day old to 7 weeks.

8) The Work Notes: That teach you in full detail how to do the calculations based on principles that determine profit and loss and the factors to take note of.Those farms that make a loss are always guilty of violating at least one of these factors.Exposes you to how to make a budget before you start. The cost is N5000.00.

In addition to the 8  reports above are the following five important site plan bonuses:

A) Picture Guide: A standard layout design of a poultry farm.With this, no need troubling yourself about the layout of the farm buildings and facilities.
B)Breakdown of materials/cost of constructing a Chicken Pen.
C)Picture Guide: Dimensions for Arrangement of Battery Cages in the Chicken Pen
D)Picture Guide: Chicken Pen Layout design for a 5000 capacity farm (showing the setup of flushing system within the pen + specific measurements)
E) Cockerel Vaccine Report
F) Poultry Waste Management Report

For the flexible purchase options & the bank details, click the link http://wp.me/p11ziB-MD for full details

The total package is the best and the cheapest in terms of content and cost for a Nigerian starter. With the wealth of information in these reports on this blog, no starter in Nigeria can have any problem anymore about setting up a profitable poultry farm in Nigeria. The only reason for failure is planning to fail by ignoring the unique details in the reports on this blog.

Please, read the testimony of Mr. Jide Makinde in blog post 16 above, who utilizing this blog’s free resources and only 2 of the 8 poultry reports, confidently set up a farm in Ibadan. If he can do it, anyone can. Where there is a will and the right resources, there is a way. With the details in these reports, you can set up your own farm without engaging a consultant.

You may elect not to get these reports. You may get your own information available elsewhere. But in your own interest, please get adequate knowledge and be properly informed about poultry farming operations before you invest a penny in it. There are farmers out there groping in the dark in the business. Getting a seasoned consultant or an experienced farmer to guide you is wise advice and you will not regret it if you do. It is essential that you have your own independent knowledge and that is what this blog does for you.

It is an interesting business to do and rewarding but knowledge is very essential in this business if you do not want to end up in frustration. Do not enter the business blindly but with your eyes wide open. The 8 reports above as well as the free content in the 37+ blog posts will open your eyes to know what to do and what to avoid in the business. Information is power only when you know it and apply it.

Some starters who are ‘wise’ in their own eyes will refuse to pay insignificant amounts for the information that will work the business yet can go ahead to spend huge sums of money on the business in total ignorance. When things do not work out as expected and the farm fails, they go about with a tale of woe to discourage others.

To ”wisely” save N2500.00 but foolishly throw N million down the drain, ignorant of the insights which would have made a difference, is the mindset of some penny-wise, pound-foolish Nigerians who have dabbled into the business and have burnt their fingers. It is wiser to limit your investment at N2500.00 to learn the business, than to ‘save’ it, then lose hundreds of thousands on the wrong route that leads nowhere.

Nevertheless, the knowledge acquired from the reports remains an asset as you will be able to make intelligent contributions anywhere chicken farming is discussed.
John Ayodele
Email: ayodeleade2002@yahoo.com


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