Poultry (Chicken)Farming in Nigeria: Some Business Opportunities   3 comments

The opportunities and potentials in poultry farming are many.Some of the opportunities are as follows:

1) Selling livestock feeds: Livestock feeds are in high demand in the market. It sells very well. Register with the major producers and you can set up as a retailer, wholesaler or distributor depending on their terms.Major ones include Top feed, Boar Feeds, Sanders Feeds, Cornerstone Feeds and Livestock Feeds. There are many other brands in the market.

2)Producing livestock feed:You can set up a feed mill in your backyard and produce chicken feed for farmers. You need to know the correct nutritional proportions that make up the feed for the different stages of development of the chickens. For instance, the feed composition ratios for layers (1 day to 8 weeks) is different from the feed composition from 9 weeks to 20 weeks. The report on how to compound the feed for layers and broilers and the feed mill set up is available on this blog.

3) Sell Poultry vaccines and drugs to farmers.

4) Sell Battery Cages (new and fairly used.The battery cage business is good business in Nigeria. If you have the resources to import them, do it. It costs about $120.00 to $150.00 abroad to buy a unit and sold here for N70,000.00 to N100,000.00 per unit.You pay no custom duties on them.
You can look for farmers who have used or old battery cages to sell, buy them and resell.You can get old cages for less than N20,000.00 and sell for N35,000.00 per unit.If you have storage space, you are in business.You can also be a broker linking buyers and sellers and get a commission on sales.

5)Sell other poultry equipment such as steel feeders,drinkers, egg crates etc.

6) Rear day old chickens up to 6 weeks and sell them to farmers. Many newbies are scared of rearing day old. It is a little difficult to rear day old because the brooding stage (1 day to 6 weeks) is the most critical stage in the life of a chicken requiring experienced handling and management.

You can acquire the experience, know how to rear day old chickens and sell them to others. 5-6 week old layer chickens are always  in high demand .You need to a cost analysis of this venture to determine the profitability before you do it.

7)You can rear the chickens and sell them at age 15-18 weeks as point-of-lay birds.There is high demand for point-of-lay birds by farmers who do not want to go through the stress of rearing chickens from day old to egg laying maturity. Many starters go for point-of-lay chickens. Do a cost analysis of this venture before you set up.

8) Set up as an egg supplier.There are companies who need eggs in large quantities usually hundreds or thousands of crates.Get the supply contract and source the eggs from farmers who have them.Do a market analysis first.Know the farm price, the minimum order, the cost of transportation and the price to sell to the client and your profit.

9) Sell Chicken waste. Collect chicken waste from farmers, dry them and bag them for resale to crop farmers. Chicken waste is the richest quality in animal manure. Selling chicken waste is an upcoming market in Nigeria. It is a smelly, dirty business but the money will not smell in your pocket!

John Ayodele


3 responses to “Poultry (Chicken)Farming in Nigeria: Some Business Opportunities

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  1. hi, i am srinivas i want to know how much cost is required to built broiler farm for 5000 chicks.plz tell me ffull details.

  2. This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

  3. I am so much happy with the advise giving to those of us the beginner. pls, i need all ur write up on poultry biz.

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