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Poultry farming: How to Formulate Feed By Yourself   2 comments

In poultry farming business in Nigeria, the feed is the major overhead cost which many small farmers grumble about. You can get poultry feeds by buying from reputable producers who produce what we call ‘factory processed or ready made feeds’. These feeds are usually of excellent quality, containing all the relevant nutrients in the correct proportions required for healthy growth and development of the chickens.However,many Nigerians think they are too costly.

An alternative cost effective approach, is for you to compound your own feed for your chickens.This is done by assembling the various feed ingredients in their right proportions and processing them at a miller’s.But there are some limitations that determine whether it is worthwhile doing self milling.

Your production cost will be determined by market conditions and factors such as the sources of purchase of the feed ingredients,cost and quality of the feed ingredients,transport costs,your scale of purchases,the miller’s costs etc.

To be able to produce a feed equal in quality to factory processed feeds,you must have a knowledge of the Compounded feed plan indicating the various feed ingredients and their formulation ratio(correct nutritional proportions) for the different stages of development in the chickens.

The objective here is that you can make more profits and spend much less on feeding the birds if you compound your own feed for your chickens i.e. if conditions are favourable.

The feed mix for Layers for different stages of development as following:
Starter Mash 0-8 weeks
Grower Mash 9-20 weeks
Layer mash 20 weeks to end of laying period

Starter Mash 0-5 weeks
Finisher Mash 6-12 weeks

Our Report is a starter’s guide, contains comprehensive, detailed  information on feed formulation and its nutritional ratios for layers and broilers. Consult a nutritionist for expert advice before venturing into self milling or feed formulation because you can burn your fingers if you get it wrong.

John Ayodele