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Poultry(Chicken) Farming for Nigerians: Errors to Avoid By A Starter   Leave a comment

If you are a newbie viewing this blog for the first time, please endeavor to read all the posts on this blog for valuable free information about the business. It is that important.

There is a general misconception in Nigeria that poultry farming is failure-prone and a ‘no-go area”. This is very far from the truth.The main reason why the business is dreaded by many starters is the fact that some who failed in it dabbled into it without adequate knowledge about how it operates.

Some are knowledgeable but not willing or able to do what is necessary to ensure smooth operations. Therefore, they often make serious, avoidable errors based on their ignorance and/or negligence and come out with regrets and a tale of woe which is spread to discourage others.

There are 3 stages in the life of a layer chicken-the brooding stage, the rearing stage and the laying stage.

The brooding stage is where the day old chickens are kept in a brooders house for a maximum of 8 weeks.At this stage they need experienced handling and adequate care, else many may die within this period.It takes experience & good handling to rear the chickens with minimum loss at this stage.

During the brooding stage, one of the things to watch out for is Stampeding.
An inexperienced starter may not know the situations that can cause a stampede and what to do on time to prevent it.When it occurs,he may not know how to reverse the stampede which will cause avoidable deaths. Alertness and promptness is essential. Some starters avoid day old chicks and start with point-of-lay chickens but you must buy healthy point-of -lay from reputable sources,PLEASE!.

The brooding stage is the most critical period in the life of a chicken and it is at this point that many starters make the errors which can lead to total loss of investment.There is an array of errors often made by inexperienced starters and some are as follows:

-Locating the brooders house too close to the rearing house for older birds
-Using same attendant to attend to chickens in the brooders house as well as older birds
-Housing chickens of different ages together in the same chicken pen
-Mixing chickens from different hatcheries together in the same chicken pen
-Overcrowding (not observing the minimum floor space requirements per chicken)
-Bad litter management
-Not knowing when the chickens are uncomfortable and how to attend to it.
-And many others in the poultry reports

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John Ayodele