Poultry Farming: The Goldmine in The Business   1 comment

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A 600 chicken farm is a micro-farm which can be set up in a home backyard. Do you know that if you have 600 healthy layer chickens producing eggs for you,your monthly gross revenue from eggs alone is  about  N300k? That is if you run the business well in the right manner and understand the income arithmetic. Next time you see a chicken on the street,you are seeing a potential goldmine.

One of the most common fears is the fear of chicken deaths or high failure rates or mortality rates.I disagree to a large extent. Chickens die.Is that any big deal? Don’t humans die? Are chickens and humans not living things? Do we have power over our living and death? Do not humans with the best comforts of life – food, money,drugs & other essentials of life- slump and die?

If you are afraid that some of your chickens may die, why are you not afraid of driving? Or eating? Or sleeping? Or marrying? It is a risk too to drive a car, to eat, to sleep and to marry a husband or a wife.People get killed while driving.People eat poisoned food and die.People sleep and do not wake up.People often marry the wrong partners and come out of it with scars and bruises and regrets and life goes on.if you are scared of risk, do not ever step out of your bedroom because you may get hurt.

Do not be afraid or scared of the business on account of chicken deaths. Prepare your mind that you will lose some chickens.The standard normal mortality rate is 8-10% of your stock per year provided that you have done everything that you should do. If you have 100 layer chickens, you should not lose more than 10 in 12 months. if you do lose chickens over 10%, then it is abnormal and indicates that something is obviously wrong that should be promptly investigated and corrected.

In many cases, it is due to farmer ignorance or negligence by the failure to do what is necessary at the right time. For example,one farmer in Port Harcourt reared 100 broilers and gave them vitamins only as advised by another ignorant farmer.She was unaware that there is a standard vaccination schedule for broiler chickens.

Unfortunately, she lost most of the broilers.Now she is rearing layers with the right information and doing well. Another instance is where you fail to do the evacuation of the chicken droppings at the appropriate time.If the chickens get affected by diseases and as a result the farm experiences chicken deaths or poor production,is this not negligence on the part of the farmer?.

Assume you lose 10% of the chickens during the year which means that you now have 540 old layers to dispose.If you dispose during Christmas,the selling price was a minimum N700.00 in Lagos @ Xmas 2009.You earn about N380,000 from the sale as an addition to the revenue earned from the sales of eggs during the egg production period.Your sources of income are egg sales, sales of the layers at the end of the laying period and sales of chicken waste i.e. poultry manure to crop farmers.

The statistics here is a realistic projection,not a hype.For you to realize this revenue, you must understand all the processes and workings of the business and apply them meticulously.

You must have properly managed the chickens from inception and also operate the farm under excellent conditions. Managing the chickens properly from inception and operating the farm under excellent condition is where the real work is.

This is not a business you set up and hand over to just anyone to manage for you because they may not represent your interests the way you expect.The owners personal attention to supervise the farm is very necessary even if he has personnel in charge. Now,if the owner does not know how poultry farming operates,then how will he know what is going on?If the staff know the chicken business better than the owner,they may rip him off and take him for a ride.

This is the reason why it is essential that the owner should have some knowledge of the business to be able to understand what is going on in the business.Knowledge is one of the greatest assets in business.If however you can get a trusted and competent and trained hand to manage it for you,all will be well.But if you put an incompetent hand in charge,you may regret coming into poultry(chicken) business.

Most of those who failed in this business and are spreading negative stories about it are those who ventured into it with a get-rich quick mindset or who had no training in the business or who engaged incompetent hands and had no time to supervise it or those who expected overnight results and had no patience.Livestock farming is hard work and not for the lazy.There is no short cut in the chicken business.

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  1. Excellent guide building up my spirit daily for some days after reading this posts….

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