Poultry(Chicken) Farming in Nigeria: Are You Adequately Informed?   2 comments

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Are you REALLY interested in Poultry Farming Business?

A few days ago, i received a phone call from a Nigerian lady in the far North east of Nigeria. She has a micro scale poultry farm of about 300 layers chickens about a year old. Her problem was that her 300 chickens were producing a maximum of 50 eggs per day at age almost 12 months. The daily production of 50 eggs was ridiculous! Preposterously Ridiculous!

I was shocked to hear that and i asked her a few simple questions.I was amazed to hear that this lady went into poultry farming business without knowledge of what to do.She was totally unaware of some vital vaccines necessary to maintain the chickens in consistent good health for maximum performance for the production of eggs. Hers is a case study in ignorance of a person who dabbled into rearing layer chickens for a whole year experimenting on a trial and error basis without result. I told her what to do in terms of vaccines and there has been a significant improvement in egg production.

Based on this, i have produced an information guide for starters titled ”Chicken Disease Control and Vaccine Administration Report”. It discusses the more common chicken diseases, the causes, symptoms, prevention and cure. Also, the vaccines to administer from day one to end of laying period on the farm,explaining your limitations as a layman i.e. what you can do and cannot do.I do not encourage self-medication either in humans or animals because health is sensitive.However you will learn a lot from this report. For health issues,please consult experts trained in health administration either in human and animals.

For unique poultry reports on effective and efficient farm set up and operations,visit the poultry reports section @ http://www.poultryaffairsng.simplesite.com

John Ayodele
Phone: +2348035978352


2 responses to “Poultry(Chicken) Farming in Nigeria: Are You Adequately Informed?

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  1. Thanks so much for your information,l just stumble into your blog today. l will call you to inquire some information from you

  2. Wat an interestig article keep it up. I luv it nd ‘d want more of dat. First of all, I need a feasibility report on d production of 300 layers pls.

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