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Chicken Farming in Nigeria: Reasons Why Some Nigerians Have Failed   8 comments

It encourages you to do the chicken farming business and teaches you how to avoid some pitfalls which some fell into through carelessness and ignorance.

Many Nigerians dread the chicken business but it is viable in Nigeria. Anyone can do it but must understand the variables first before investing a cent. Do not listen to false, unfounded stories about the business.There are so-called ‘experts’ who have not done the business but are discouraging others based on hearsay.

The initial 6-8 weeks is the most crucial in the life of a chicken requiring proper and experienced handling.The brooding phase is the foundation and what happens at this stage can determine future results in the business.Getting it wrong and loosing too many chickens in the brooding phase is one of the reasons for failure in the business because high losses can dampen one’s morale.

If you can scale through the brooding phase successfully with minimum loss, the rest of the journey in the chicken business is much easier but requiring meticulous application of variables which you must be conversant with.

There are many other reasons why some Nigerians have failed in the chicken farming business. One is the failure to conduct a feasibility study before starting out.You should know what to project in terms of realistic income expectation, feed estimation and farm structures to put up before starting the farm no matter how small it may be.

if your funds can sustain 500 birds and you set out with 1000 birds out of excitement,without knowing the feed cost requirements, you may have serious problems along the way which may lead to the collapse of the farm.Therefore, feasibility study is very essential to know how far your funds can go.

if you work your figures on the wrong assumption as many do that 500 chickens will lay 500 eggs daily for 2 years, you will come up with a false projection and start on a false note. if your expected wrong figures do not come to reality, you may become dejected and lose interest.You should know how egg production figures work to arrive at a more realistic/reliable projection.

Another main reason is when an inexperienced starter decides to go it alone without support from an experienced farmer.You need a farmer or consultant to guide you in this sensitive business.There are sensitive aspects that an inexperienced starter cannot handle without some guidance.

Another common reason is starting the farm with unhealthy chickens by buying chickens from the wrong sources which is a function of ignorance. The fastest lane to disaster in the business is to start with unhealthy chicks. You would have gone far into the business and expended huge sums of resources(time, money,energy,efforts) before the ugly effects of the error begin to manifest.

Another reason is that some Nigerians prefer cheap service and quackery. They fall easily into the hands of quacks. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Engage a poultry consultant or an experienced farmer to guide you. Sometimes,it may cost you a small fee. Do not be penny-wise,pound-foolish, who can not pay a paltry fee about N5K for information that will work the business but will foolishly squander Nmillion doing the wrong things in ignorance, building on the wrong foundation which will eventually collapse.

Another reason is that a Nigerian sees another Nigerian doing a business and next thing is to blindly dive into it without studying the terrain in the business to know what works or does not work or how the other is coping.

Get information before you start the business. Do not rush into poultry farming because you have the money.If you rush in blindly, you may rush out with your eyes wide open,and a wiser person after wasting much money,time and energy.

John Ayodele