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Poultry Farming: Some Reasons Why You May Not Be Able to Do It   4 comments

I want you to know that this business is for everyone who can do what is required to operate the business. This business is simple but not easy.
Simple in the sense that its processes and techniques are well laid out and straight forward.Not easy in the sense that it requires a meticulous application of the processes and techniques to work the chicken business. Once you understand the workings of this business,and can diligently apply them, you will make money steadily from season to season…Guaranteed!

This business is not for you if you belong to the following classes:
1) If you want a short cut route to riches. Do not come into this business thinking that you can put in N50,000.00 this week and reap N500,000.00 next week. That mindset certainly will not work.
2) If you are lazy because this business is hard work.If you are a lazy person, please invest your money elsewhere.
3) If you are the one who hates seeking knowledge. Knowledge drives this business and without having the right knowledge, you may lose out. Without knowledge, it means that you are gambling in the business.
4) If you have a nonchalant attitude to details.The chicken business is largely composed of details which the farmer must pay attention to, no matter how minute the detail.

This business is for:
1) Those who can pay attention to details, no matter how minute.
2) Those who have energy to do what is required.
3) Those who have the common sense to know what is required and do what is required at the right time i.e. promptness.

John Ayodele


Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Construct a Suitable Chicken Pen   16 comments

Nigerians are enthusiastic and excited about poultry(chicken) farming but many starters do it with much ignorance of the basic details. One common error among some poultry farmers,especially backyard farmers is faulty or defective chicken housing.

A Nigerian wakes up and decides to rear a number of chickens, then proceeds to build a chicken house in his backyard based on available floor space.There are factors to take into account when constructing a chicken pen anywhere(whether backyard or not) if you do not want your efforts to go down the drain. For the backyard farmers,very common in Nigeria,there are factors to consider before setting up a backyard farm.

The number of chickens to rear is determined by the floor space available for the chicken pen and also by the floor space requirements per chicken at various stages of development in the chicken. Many do not know the minimum floor space requirements per chicken especially in the brooding and laying stages.In error, they overstock or overcrowd the chicken pen. Overcrowding is a hazard with serious negative impact on the fortunes of the business.

Before constructing a chicken house, take note of the following details:

1)Know the dimensions (length & breadth) of the floor space available
2)Know the minimum floor space requirements per bird and work out the occupancy i.e. knowing the maximum number of chickens that the pen can conveniently accommodate.Know the space requirement at various stages of development of the chicken.If you do not know, please consult a poultry or livestock consultant to advise you. Do not guess.
3)Are you going to bring in battery cages? The number of chickens determine the number of cages to bring in. What are the dimensions (length & width) of the battery cages to be installed? How many battery cages can the floor space of the chicken house accommodate conveniently? You have to know all the above in before the construction.
4) Will the chicken pen have inbuilt waste management facilities? Will the land size accommodate the facility? You have to consider all these issues.

Many Nigerians especially the small farmers use metal roofing which is the cheapest roofing. However, it is a product of ignorance as metal roofing have a direct adverse effect on egg production in the hot season. Nigeria is in the tropics, so metal roofing is an error. But where it must be used used due to financial constraints, there are additional steps to take to provide protection against heat.

You have to know in advance maximum occupancy at the laying stage if the floor space is fixed and cannot be extended.You need to have sincere answers to the above questions before the actual construction of the chicken pen, else you may have serious problems later.

Please engage a consultant for advice before constructing a chicken pen, even in your backyard.It is necessary that the consultant do an inspection of the site and the environment before the chicken pen can be set up.There are issues that the consultant will observe about the site and the environment which a layman may not see,that can affect smooth operations.

John Ayodele