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Nigerians are enthusiastic and excited about poultry(chicken) farming but majority of starters do it with much ignorance of the basic details. In this post, i am discussing one of the main errors in the business which many are ignorant of, which spoils the business.

One common error among some poultry farmers,especially backyard farmers is faulty or defective chicken housing. A Nigerian wakes up and decides to rear a number of chickens, then proceeds to build a chicken house in his backyard based on available floor space.There are about essential factors to take into account when constructing a chicken pen anywhere(whether backyard or not) if you do not want your efforts to go down the drain.For the backyard farmers,very common in Nigeria,there are factors to consider before setting up a backyard farm.

The number of chickens to rear is determined by the floor space available for the chicken pen and also by the floor space requirements per chicken at various stages of development in the chicken. Many do not know the minimum floor space requirements per chicken especially in the brooding and laying stages.In error, they overstock or overcrowd the chicken pen. Overcrowding is a hazard with serious negative impact on the fortunes of the business.

Before constructing a chicken house, take note of the following details:
1)Know the dimensions (length& breadth) of the floor space available
2)Know the minimum floor space requirements per bird and work out the occupancy i.e. knowing the maximum number of chickens that the pen can conveniently accommodate.Know the space requirement at various stages of development of the chicken.If you do not know, please consult a poultry or livestock consultant to advise you. Do not guess.
3)Are you going to bring in battery cages? The number of chickens determine the number of cages to bring in. What are the dimensions (length & width) of the battery cages to be installed? How many battery cages can the floor space of the chicken house accommodate conveniently? You have to know all the above in before the construction.
4) Will the chicken pen have inbuilt waste management facilities? Will the land size accommodate the facility? You have to consider all these issues.

Many Nigerians especially the small farmers use metal roofing which is the cheapest roofing. However, it is a product of ignorance as metal roofing have a direct adverse effect on egg production in the hot season. Nigeria is in the tropics, so metal roofing is an error. But where it must be used used due to financial constraints, there are additional steps to take to provide protection against heat. (Heat control measures in the Layer chicken report number 1).

You have to know in advance maximum occupancy at the laying stage if the floor space is fixed and cannot be extended.You need to have sincere answers to the above questions before the actual construction of the chicken pen, else you may have serious problems later.

Please engage a consultant for advice before constructing a chicken pen, even in your backyard.It is necessary that the consultant do an inspection of the site and the environment before the chicken pen can be set up.There are issues that the consultant will observe about the site and the environment which a layman may not see,that can affect smooth operations.So designing the chicken pen without prior site inspection is wrong.Then engage a builder who has the skill in the construction of chicken houses.

For unique poultry reports on effective and efficient farm set up and operations,visit the poultry reports section @ http://www.poultryaffairsng.simplesite.com

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16 responses to “Poultry Farming in Nigeria:The Chicken Pen Construction

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  2. I have been following your blog for a while now and i must say i am really impressed by your wealth of knowledge. I would like to go into poultry farming but i hve little or no experience at all . I also do not have finance at the moment but i have got one plot of land in delta state, i am interested in poultry using battery cage. What capacity would the land take? and do you sale battery cages if yes, what are the price range and if they are new or used.

  3. hello good morning.
    this is the same lady from ibadan i have taken advice from the very helpful reports i bought from you. and right now i am at the stage 2 build pen houses. my consultant calculated that i can have 2 25 by 90 pen houses. he adviced i meet experienced builders who gave me an unrealistic price. so im back again for more advice. please help me! anxiously awaioting your reply
    Regards Mona

    • Hello Madam,
      Am glad that the reports benefit you.
      Am also glad that you are setting up a farm based on the guidance provided by the reports.
      Please check your email box for my response to your inquiry.

  4. I am knowledgeable about poultry farming due to my course of study at higher institution. But i must confess that your blog posts really equip me more. i want to start pullet rearing very soon which i also believe i need season consultant. i reside in Sango Ota, Ogun state. please can you link me up with a nearby consultant? Where can i get reliable point of lay since i am starting with 500 birds using battery cage system.

  5. hello, good evening. this article has been quite helpful. I am about to start a farm of my own. I have some fears and questions. i will really appreciate ur help in this regard. firstly i have been advised to site the farm on the outskirts of town. how safe is this for my birds? secondly how do i get rid of the waste i.e the fowl droppings? thirdly where do i get a good designer for the chicken house? fourthly, must i use cages for the layers?

  6. Good evening, thanks for the rich knowledge inpactation. Pls i need a feasibility study for raising 1000 layers. From chick to laying stage.

  7. Hi , can a Bq be used for broilers or layers ?also would like (o know if I can raise the birds with other animals like dogs , goat ,sheep , turkey?in a. Residential plot where I live all at the backyard ?? Found your article quite informative and really hope I can purchase your downloads but please do you not have a printed book ? Do please contact me . Would like to have a backyard poultry .

  8. Am a student of federal university of tech. Owerri. Please,I want to know if there is a special breed of chicken used for poutry farming that lays egg or just the regular ones. Thanks

  9. Thank so much for your posting its really serves as a blessing to me

  10. Got ur website on nairaland….bro,I must confess that u are doing a great job…I decided not do this business base on what pple av been saying that it is very risky business,but with what I have learned tru ur blog,I think I av gained a lot….sir,can u tell me how much I can get battery cage that can accommodate like 500 birds for a start…I will soon call u so can get ur manuals…expecting to hear from u

  11. Please I need to talk to you, please kindly reply me via my email. I look forward hearing from you.


    Mr Adedamola Olaore
  12. Please I am in the process of going into poultry farming. I have 2 plots of land already and I want to go into Layers specifically. I want to go with the one day
    chicks rearing and also getting about 500 12 to 16 weeks old Point-of-Lay Hens. I need advise on what is required and also a good builder who could make me manage the little land I have for the purpose….Please contact me as soon as possible

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