Poultry Farming: Some Reasons Why You May Not Be Able to Do It   4 comments

I want you to know that this business is for everyone who can do what is required to operate the business. This business is simple but not easy. Simple in the sense that its processes and techniques are well laid out and straight forward.Not easy in the sense that it requires a meticulous application of the processes and techniques to work the chicken business.Once you understand the workings of this business,and can diligently apply them, you will make money steadily from season to season…Guaranteed!

This business is not for you if you belong to the following classes:
1) If you want a short cut route to riches.Do not come into this business thinking that you can put in N50000.00 this week and reap N500,000.00 next week. That mindset certainly will not work.
2) If you are lazy because this business is hard work.If you are a lazy person, please invest your money elsewhere.
3) If you are the one who hates seeking knowledge. Knowledge drives this business and without having the right knowledge, you may lose out. Without knowledge, it means that you are gambling in the business.
4) If you have a nonchalant attitude to details.The chicken business is largely composed of details which the farmer must pay attention to, no matter how minute the detail.

This business is for:
1) Those who can pay attention to details, no matter how minute.
2) Those who have energy to do what is required.
3) Those who have the common sense to know what is required and do what is required at the right time i.e. promptness.

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John Ayodele


4 responses to “Poultry Farming: Some Reasons Why You May Not Be Able to Do It

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  1. i am very pleased to have come across this site. i want to start this business and have all the wealth of knowledge and ability but dont know how much in particular to invest in this bussiness. pls advise. thanks so much

  2. I thank you so much Mr Ayo,for dis medium of dissemination of such information.i certainly will be venturing into the poultry (egg production) business next year,in Benue state.hoping to be one of next year’s YOUWIN competition.reason is bcause,i av monopoly of the market and hopefully free or highly subsidized land and notwithstanding,large market size.i plan 2 buy 2 of your reports to educate myself b4 starting out.pls,i am willing to learn from you and adhere 2 your advice.pls,is der any oda info i need b4 starting out?i am prepared to face the ups and downs.pls,to get in touch wit,u can thru,08137521181 and nwaokolochidinma@gmail.com.thanks Sir,lookn 4ward 2 hear frm U.

  3. this is very detailed and exact… good job

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