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Now, I want to discuss how a careless layers chicken farmer can lose money in the business without knowing until it is probably too late. There is a report on this blog titled Report 4, ‘Cost Analysis Report’ which explains the cost of operations for the setup of a small chicken farm of 1000 layers for egg production. The report also explains how egg production work i.e. the general rule in egg production (that a chicken will lay an egg a day for up to 24 months) and the several exceptions (the reasons why it is not actually so & the exact position).

It also explains how you can forecast a realizable egg production and income estimate from a given number of chickens. It is an important report for starters who need to understand the figures.

Before you go set up a chicken layer farm, you should understand the natty-gritty of egg production because there is a loop that your farm staff can exploit to pocket your money and you may not know if you are not smart. It is advised that the owner of the farm be there to manage his farm or maintain very close supervision if he is an absentee owner.

If he is an absentee owner, the farm manager must be a honest and trusted person. His operational competence is also important. If your manager/farm staff is not honest and exploits the loop (one of the exceptions) in egg production to your own disadvantage, then you are on the losing end. This is a clear fact and one prime reason why some chicken farms have closed down especially those owned by absentee owners.

If you understand egg production general rule and its 6 exceptions, you will be able to tackle the loop to reduce egg pilferage to the barest minimum and make maximum returns. The Cost Analysis Report Number 4 is for those that are really interested in the business and need to understand the figures.

If the owner cannot be available to supervise his investment and cannot get a trusted manager, do not do the business. Before you set up a chicken farm, you must understand the exceptions in egg production and the loop that can cause you to lose money and the remedies.

Then sort out the issue of who supervises the farm. If your staff cannot steal eggs without you knowing, there are other avenues they will try. However,do not be discouraged from doing the business. But knowing in advance the pros and cons help so that you know how to run the business more profitably.The truth that you know and can apply is what sets you free.

You must have a good record keeping system which enables you know how the chicken farm is standing financially at any point. What you are to keep record of on daily basis has been explained in the layer report (How to set up and operate a profitable layer chicken farm in Nigeria: A Beginner’s Guide).

Then, when you observe that you are losing money, you have to know what exactly is going wrong. One of the common reasons is egg pilferage by farm staff. If egg losses are not controlled, it can ruin a large farm where little drops make an ocean.

Then a control system should be put in place to check abuses by farm staff.You should understand the mentality that farm staff exhibit and how it can adversely affect farm fortunes.There are four major atrocities poultry dishonest farm staff do which can ruin a farm.

Staff recruitment, supervision and monitoring is important. Engage staff you can trust. The management i.e who manages the farm is a crucial factor to success because if you put all the factors in place but have incompetent, untrustworthy staff in charge, the farm may fail.

For unique poultry reports on effective and efficient farm set up and operations,visit the poultry reports section @

John Ayodele


5 responses to “Chicken Farming :How Careless Farmers Lose Money Without Knowing

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  1. Hi, your blog is well written and highly informative.
    I am interested in going into poultry business. In fact what I would want to do is have a farm in which the poultry section would be the main focus but in time, I would like to venture into catfish,etc. How much would all the reports costs? Any discounts?. Also, where can I get battery cages? Which is better, used or locally fabricated?

    Thanks and Godbless

  2. Ayo,

    Do you have a small handbook where you enumerated all these in details(especially ways to curtail losses in the farm)? If yes how do I get it?

  3. Dear Ayo,

    excellent write up. I am interested in your book on this if you have one too

  4. I have being in the biz for sometime but succeded once. It has always been bad chicks from the achery. Less mortalty btw. age 1&10 wk. However, can we actually lay our hand on hard copies of these points?

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