Poultry Farming: An Inspiring Testimony From a First Timer   4 comments

Going into chicken farming in Nigeria without having an update of the variables that make the business work is a direct invitation to distress and eventual failure. The farmer to be must know how to rear the chickens in the acceptable manner.

A Nigerian,Mr Jide Makinde (see his testimony below) who came in contact with this blog in March 2012 went ahead to set up a poultry farm in Ibadan based on the resources on this blog. I recall that he got only the layer chicken report and broiler chicken report that were available at the time.

He had zero experience then but his contact with this blog and personal contact with me gave him the confidence. Though he had the finances for a large farm,he set up a small farm based on advice given and without my physical presence there. The reports are self explanatory and are that adequate to rely on to set up a farm by following its step-by-step guides. This morning ,i received the mail below from him, which am posting here as proof that these things work in Nigeria if you are properly guided and determined.


Good Day Mr. Ayo,

It’s been a long time. How’s your work. We are also progressing in the poultry farm. The first set of day old pullets (200pcs) for our trial purpose which we stocked on March 26th has started laying. We did not loose many as we still have 200pcs as of now.They are just approaching 80% production now. They are about 24-25 weeks old now.

We stocked another batch of 500pcs in June and the second set is about 16 weeks old now. We lost about 50 pcs of his batch to diseases/rain and we have about 460 pcs left.

They are all in battery cage now as we have completed construction of our permanent site.

The pen at our back yard will now be solely for brooding purpose and we just stocked another 700 day old pullets two weeks ago so that we can the advantage of quantity when they all start laying.

I will send the pictures of the birds and the new poultry house to you later today.

I thank you for all you have done for us at the start of the venture. Your advice, counseling and most importantly your guiding manuals has really helped us. You actually gave us the starting dose of confidence to go ahead because we were with zero experience by that time.

Thank you once again. I will like you to have a look at the farm at your own convenient time.

Regards to your family members,


That is the testimony from Mr.Jide, a Nigerian who was courageous to set up a poultry farm based on the information acquired from this blog. His first batch of 200 day old birds is a wonderful performance with very little mortality,losing about 5 birds only. His second batch of 5oo birds recorded less than 10% casualty by age 16 weeks which is also a commendable outing for a starter.

The major problem many starters have is always total ignorance or half-baked knowledge and a desire to go it alone without support. Before you do chicken farming, get the basic information first and that starts with reading this blog. Do not jump into the business with your eyes closed as some do!

For unique poultry reports on effective and efficient farm set up and operations,visit the poultry reports section @ http://www.poultryaffairsng.simplesite.com

John Ayodele


4 responses to “Poultry Farming: An Inspiring Testimony From a First Timer

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  1. We would love to see those pictures when they are ready! Well done!

  2. I would Love to do a business like is. Am realy happy for the persn that testified abt his success… Please if there is any training school going on abt poultry farming plz Contact me.. 08162355777

  3. Sir, I have read the contents of your write up and it is quite impressing. Obviously am a beginner that have commenced the business. Am yet to place order for about 1000 chicks (layers). I need a beginner guide in terms of managing the Poultry and to calculate eggs production.
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the write-up on poultry farming. I really you for sharing your expertise on this platform

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