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Poultry Farming for Nigerians: Profit Analysis for Starters in Excel Format   6 comments

The profitability analysis is a financial projections for 12 months of egg production for a 500 chicken layers farm raised from day old age, and is prepared in Microsoft Excel format. The financial projection or profitability analysis (Profit & Loss Accounts) for 12 months has the following:

1) Analysis of egg revenue from 500 layers on daily and monthly basis for 12 months
2)Revenue from the disposal of old layers at the end of egg production
3)Analysis of farm expenses(diesel costs, salaries,transport,consultancy,miscellaneous,etc) on a daily and monthly basis for 12 months
4)Depreciation of major farm assets on a daily and monthly basis for the 12 months
5)The analysis of feed costs at the different stages of development in the chickens for the initial 20 weeks and during the egg production phase.
5)Gross and Net Profit position daily and monthly
6) Farm assets to set up + cost
7) The Sunk Cost i.e. the analysis of operating costs for the first 20 weeks from day old status to the commencement of egg laying.
9) Cash Flow Analyzed for 12 months of egg production based on the layer analysis.
10)A broiler chicken cost/profit analysis for 100 broilers for 7 weeks is included

John Ayodele