Poultry Farming: The Preferred Business To Set Up in Nigeria   3 comments

This informative poultry blog was set up in 2010 to educate Nigerians about the potentials in chicken farming. If you can,please digest all the posts on this blog to learn all the important facts that will make a big difference when you set up your chicken farm.

On this blog, starters will learn much about:
1) Setting up a layers chicken farm
2) Setting up a broilers chicken farm – 4 essential facts every starter must know before starting
3) Costing Analysis for set up of a chicken farm
4) Feed cost analysis -how to calculate feeding costs
5) Feed Mix analysis – how to make your own feeds
6) Chicken medication and disease control
7) Errors to avoid in the business
8) Important factors to note to do well in it
9) The nature of the market for poultry products
10) Many other details.

I wish to discuss the nature of the market for chicken products by comparing it with the market for catfish which Nigerians are highly interested in too but which has burned the hands of many,badly.

The Market
For poultry products such as eggs, the market in Nigeria is ready made, large and guaranteed.The demand for eggs is always above the supply and there is always room for a new entrant coming into the layers chicken farming business either at any level of start up. Egg is widely consumed by all categories of people irrespective of income levels. It is a highly sought after commodity in Nigeria.

Also, chicken for meat is widely consumed in Nigeria, vastly more than catfish. Visit frozen stores in any locale and ask for their rate of turnover in the sales of frozen chicken. Therefore,it can reasonably be inferred that the market for chicken products is far better than for catfish.The fact that frozen chicken is massively smuggled into Nigeria is an indication that there is a wide gap in the market to be filled.The Chicken business is the better preferred option in today’s Nigeria. No doubts about it!

John Ayodele


3 responses to “Poultry Farming: The Preferred Business To Set Up in Nigeria

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  1. Kindly furnish me with possible groups or associations for Poultry Farmers. Would like to join any.


  2. good work , God bless you.


  3. Thanks for the honest blog,God bless you


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