Chicken Farming in Nigeria: No Taboos Affecting Chicken Production   1 comment

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There are no taboos prohibiting the production and consumption of poultry products  anywhere in Nigeria.The 150 million Nigerians consume poultry products in one form or the other.There are an estimated 20+ million households in Nigeria.

Comparing the chicken market with the pork market in Nigeria, there are taboos affecting the pork market.The Muslim population do not eat pork being forbidden on religious grounds. Also Christians are forbidden from the consumption of pork and catfish.The book of Leviticus Chapter 11 verses 7 & 12 in the Holy Bible has the details of the ban though some Christians claim that the New Covenant has overruled this Old Testament restriction. I am not preaching here.

However the pork business is big business in Nigeria despite the taboos affecting it but the market for pork is mainly in the South of Nigeria.You cannot set up a piggery in many parts of the North of Nigeria.One of its centers in Nigeria is the Okearo Pig Farm at Okearo City in Ogun State, reputed to be one of the largest pig farms in Africa where traders come to purchase pigs in lorry loads every week.

However, the chicken market is a far larger and guaranteed market without any cultural/religious restrictions or prohibitions affecting it all over Nigeria.You can set up a chicken farm in any part of Nigeria without having any troubled conscience as regards violating any religious or cultural taboos and you are sure of market patronage…Guaranteed!

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