Chicken Farming in Nigeria: Apply Common Sense Before Set Up   5 comments

Common sense is not common but needed in the chicken business.
A starter sets out by building the chicken pen of his own imagination without first making a provision for the operational cost. At the end, he has no money left to set up the chickens and became stranded.The chicken pen was an unnecessary ‘flamboyant structure’ that gulped much money.

Before you set up a chicken farm, check your budget. Decide on the number of chickens to start with and get the operational cost of rearing them to maturity. The balance of your fund will determine the structures to be set up.

If the balance is not sufficient for structures, that means you have to adjust the number of chickens to start with or amend the plan for the structures. I advise that you set up a simple but durable chicken pen first, then when you have made money in the business, you can go for the costlier ‘flamboyant structures’ that flatter your ego. Let reason prevail over your excitement.Hear the truth: Chicken pen aesthetics increase cost of set up but not efficiency.

One of the major challenges in the business scaring away newbies is litter management or chicken waste evacuation. Do not be scared. That problem is manageable. A better option will be what i call the “Gutter system’ or Flushing system i.e. building a gutter under the battery cages to accumulate the chicken wastes.

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John Ayodele


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5 responses to “Chicken Farming in Nigeria: Apply Common Sense Before Set Up

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  1. God will surely bless you for your contribution to poultry farming in nigeria.

    Please how can I contact facko limited, I currently living abroad and planning to set up poultry farm.

    I will be very greatful if I get their phone number, email address or website from you.

    Ade makinde

  2. Hello Mr Ayodele,just came across your blog as I was trying to get some information on how to set up a poultry.I have read some of the reports but still want to pick up one or two more.How much is report 7?Is there another way of getting the payments
    across to you as I presently reside in the UK.Hoping to read from you soon.

    Kind regards
    Khadijah Agberemi

    Khadijah Agberemi
  3. Thank you so much! Your posts are really informative! Please do not relent as I intend to be an ardent follower of your blog! Have so much information from you to start up my own poultry. Additionally, personal experience matters. Let’s get chicken smelly!

  4. Someday I am gonna reach you on your mobile Mister. And that is when I am fully ready to start my own business. I like this post a lot

  5. really an informative writeup,more grease to ur elbow as u shower d public members wit dis great and life changing information.

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