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Small Scale Poultry Farming: More Testimonies From Satisfied Users!   4 comments

Testimonies have been coming in from some readers who courageously set up small poultry farms based on the resources on this blog.One of them,Mr Jide Makinde, based in Ibadan was published in one of the posts below.Another is Mr Musa Usman in Kano who set up with 514 layers and several others.Mr Usman’s comment in the Comments section of this blog is as follows:

<Happy birthday Mr John. I would never forget your valuable advise and educative materials that really helped us in setting up our farm. For your information, at exactly sixth months today, our birds are still doing well with mortality rate at just 2.1% and producing the golden eggs. We would always be grateful to you.

Another blog reader,Mr Lekan ( who got the reports sent the following mail to me recently:
'I saw one of your mail where you asked if i had started my poultry farm. Thanks for the concern i started long ago August 2012 with 1000 birds and today we have 3500 birds.

John Ayodele