Chicken Farming in Nigeria: The Factors To Consider For Success!   2 comments

In this post, i am discussing the factors that work the business. They are as follows:
1) Money
Without money, you cannot do anything in this business and any livestock business. All the livestock businesses require money. This business is not one of those businesses that can be done without money.You need money to set up structures and to feed the chickens. But take note that your money is not what drives the business,though important.

2) Knowledge
Knowledge is also a more important element that drives the business. What makes a poultry farmer excel above another is not the amount of money at his disposal but the wealth or quality of knowledge or information at the disposal of the farmer and ability to implement it.

3) Diligence
Having the money and the knowledge is not enough. Information is power but information is useless until you know it and can apply it. it is then that the power works for you. If you have the knowledge but is careless in implementing that knowledge, then you will have useless stories to tell us about the business. In the chicken farming business, diligence (hard work) is important. The business is not for a lazy person.

4) Courage
Courage is important in the business.

Where does courage come in? It comes in when you have lost money and willing to start afresh all over again. When your efforts have gone down the drain, when hopes have been dashed, yet you are undaunted and willing to start again or refuse to quit. It takes courage to stay when you are not seeing the results that you are takes courage to set up in an environment where all you hear is that the business is difficult or impossible.

5) An Interest in Chickens
A sincere interest in chickens goes a long way in this business.Some people are scared of chickens. Some cannot go too close to a chicken or cannot stand a chicken environment.Such are not fit for the business as farm attendants.

6) Your relationship with your Maker,God the Father who created the heavens and the earth,the Alpha and the Omega of all things is all essential to success in this business. Your life and the lives of the chickens are in God’s hands. We have no control over our lives and no one knows what will happen to him in the next hour, only God knows.Prayer is important to make headway in this business.Pray!

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John Ayodele


2 responses to “Chicken Farming in Nigeria: The Factors To Consider For Success!

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  1. I Must commend the good job you are doing on this blog. U r really a life save. i hv read the post on ur blog and i want to inquire about ebook on the layers bird for rearing and other necessary ebook to start my poultry farm too. Tanks

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