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Here, i am discussing culling and a tested formulation that greatly reduces mortality in chickens. Culling is the removal of underdeveloped and unproductive chickens from the flock. You see, a few chickens may not develop and you keep feeding them.Some may not produce eggs and you keep feeding them.What is the use? Are you not losing money? Culling enables you to identify them, remove them and keep them elsewhere in order to give them a chance to develop; or to sell them.Culling is an essential activity in the business.

There is a simple test you can conduct that enables you to identify a layers chicken the flock among that will not lay any eggs with a 90% accuracy.If a medical doctor can carry out tests that show that a woman is infertile and may not carry a baby in the womb,you can carry out a simple test that tells you a layers chicken will not lay any eggs.

The formula is to measure the distance between the lay-bones of the chicken. If it falls within a certain range of figures,it is certain with a 90 percent accuracy that the chicken will not lay any eggs.You can also measure the distance between the breast bone and the lay bones. If the figure falls within a specific range, it is also certain that the chicken will not lay any eggs. This exercise is rather too academic and not realistic to carry out where you have many chickens. Do not bother about it.It is not recommended as it is unnecessary.

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John Ayodele


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  1. Hello mr Ayodele, thank you for all the help you have offered up and coming poultry farmers. I appreciate your blogs but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to locate the blogs on the net. Maybe I am looking at the wrong place
    Can u direct me to where I can get all your blogs you advised us to read. If it’s not a problem can you just email me the blogs. I will be most grateful.
    Thank you and keep up the good work. You are being your own Madiba in this your little space. God bless you

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