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Poultry Farming : The Easier Way To Set Up Your Chicken Farm   4 comments


This is the 29th post on this poultry blog created for the benefit of Nigerians interested in small scale chicken farming business. If you are a starter, interested in the business, you have come to the right place where you will learn virtually all you need to know to do the business successfully, smiling to the bank.

You may have been told by some negative minds that the business is not workable in Nigeria. It is a viable and workable business.There are many testimonies from satisfied readers who have benefited from this blog. The picture above is the farm of Mr Muyiwa(, one of the followers of this blog based in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

He is one of the beneficiary of the resources on this blog. He  sent some of the pictures of his farm to me recently. I have visited the farm to confirm what i saw in the photos. The chicken pen is situate in the front of his residence and contains about 500 chickens in battery cages. The farm is perfect in terms of cleanliness for a starter. There was no odor of any kind emanating from the farm due to high hygiene standards maintained by the owner. For a starter, it is an impressive performance. He has applied money, knowledge, diligence and courage in setting up the farm.

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Get Low Interest Loans For Set Up   6 comments

Post 28
A Nigerian bank known as the Bank of Agriculture,owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria is giving out loans to genuine farmers who can prove their genuineness.The F.G.N has provisioned N200 Billion as loans to farmers and the steps to access the loan are straight forward if you are a genuine person with genuine intentions.If you are an unemployed Nigerian graduate looking for paid employment,pay attention to this post and take a step of faith to key into it.

The steps to obtain the loan are as follows:
1) Locate the office of the Bank of Agriculture that covers the area or local government area where your farm is situated and open an account with the bank with a minimum deposit of N3000.00

2) For the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements, you must present your NEPA Bill which confirms your place of residence + any of the approved means of identification such as International Passport, Drivers License, National Identity Card or Voters Registration Card.

3) Other requirements are:
Complete and signed account form
Complete and signed mandate card
Present 4 passport photographs of yourself

4) You must run and operate the account for at least 3 -6months before applying for the loan. Do not think that you can just open the account, abandon it and show up after 6 months for the loan. The loan is not the usual national cake and the bank, newly repositioned, is not fooled. If you play that old game, the bank will doubt your integrity and commitment to repay the loan if granted and that means you may not get it.

Running and operating the loan means that you make it an active account. This means making sure that you save money and withdraw from the account on a regular basis. The bank wants to see that there are transactions going on in the account. Therefore, you should make regular deposits and withdrawals on the account during the 6 month period to create an active relationship that makes the bank have confidence in you.

5) You must have an existing farm, at a fixed location and the farm must have its record of operations and activities on a daily basis neatly kept. The era of armchair farmers/political farmers/farms of no fixed address/classroom farmers are over. The bank will visit your farm for inspection when you apply for the loan.

6) The bank will check what you have on ground; see how far you have gone; what the loan is required for, and ensure that the loan is appropriate for what it is required. The bank wants to know whether you have an adequate knowledge of your area of farming business. You must be able to demonstrate the practical hands-on experience in your area of farming. The bank wants to know whether you have a project you are working on and the fund requirements. And within a month of the inspection, the loan will be approved if the bank is satisfied.

You can obtain a loan of N250,000.00 from the Bank of Agriculture without any collateral.With this amount,you can set up a small backyard chicken business that will pay more than the elusive salary job you are seeking. Some graduates earn N15,000.00 monthly in the name of earning a salary.What a pity!I will show you how to go about setting up a small chicken business with as low as N250,000.00.

One Mr Christopher,a graduate based in Akwa Ibom State,following this blog, started with 87 day old broilers and with a budget of N70,000.00. He lost only 3 of them and sold the remaining 84 at 7 weeks old for N1000.00 each. He made a neat profit.He is now looking for land to buy to do it on a larger scale.

What are you waiting for?
Get the location ready and put it into preparation before inviting the bank for inspection.
Then, go open an account with the Bank of Agriculture and operate it as required for at least 6 months.Make an estimate of the farm’s fund requirements and get it ready before applying for the loan.

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