Poultry Farming : The Easier Way To Set Up Your Chicken Farm   4 comments


This is the 29th post on this poultry blog created for the benefit of Nigerians interested in small scale chicken farming business. If you are a starter, interested in the business, you have come to the right place where you will learn virtually all you need to know to do the business successfully, smiling to the bank.

You may have been told by some negative minds that the business is not workable in Nigeria. It is a viable and workable business.There are many testimonies from satisfied readers who have benefited from this blog. The picture above is the farm of Mr Muyiwa( mooyiwa@yahoo.com), one of the followers of this blog based in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

He is one of the beneficiary of the resources on this blog. He  sent some of the pictures of his farm to me recently. I have visited the farm to confirm what i saw in the photos. The chicken pen is situate in the front of his residence and contains about 500 chickens in battery cages. The farm is perfect in terms of cleanliness for a starter. There was no odor of any kind emanating from the farm due to high hygiene standards maintained by the owner. For a starter, it is an impressive performance. He has applied money, knowledge, diligence and courage in setting up the farm.

The poultry (chicken) farming business is viable in Nigeria.For unique poultry reports,visit http://www.poultryaffairsng.simplesite.com

John Ayodele
Phone: 2348035978352
Email: ayodeleade2002@yahoo.com


4 responses to “Poultry Farming : The Easier Way To Set Up Your Chicken Farm

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  1. the information i read came at the right time bcos myself and my husband are about starting on a small scale thanks for the blog.

  2. I really love ur blog

  3. This information I read came at the right time as my wife and myself are about starting on a small scale thanks for the blog, though I will need the starter books to help me the more.

  4. The blog is very educating and making sense.

    Anokwuru Kingsley

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