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Poultry (Chicken)Farming in Nigeria: Are You Still in Doubt?   1 comment

Do not be one of the doubting Thomas Nigerians who are afraid to start. Just start small even as low as 100 chickens and see how things go, then move on to larger numbers.One Nigerian,Mr.Adebayo who thought that this chicken blog is a scam sent an inquiry mail to Mr Jide ( whose own testimony is in Blog Post 16 below on this blog.  His inquiry is as follows:

Hi Mr. Jide,
Good day, how are you and the business ? Pardon me for this unsolicited mail, I actually pick your email address from Johnayodele’s blog. Your comment about your experience is quite fascinating and inviting. Please am a novice like you used to be but with a great interest in poultry farming. Please I just want to confirm how good are the reports from johnayodele’s blog ? before i will pay for it. Hope it’s not a scam ?

Mr.Jide replied as follows:

Hello Mr. Adebayo,
The reports are real and very good. We have used the knowledge from his reports to start up our own business. The reports will be very useful if you are the type that can read, understand, make reference and apply the understandings to practice.
You should also prepare for the challenges of poultry business which we also faced. Its as risky as any other business. Also, the sky will be the beginning if you can start small and expand with time. This way, you can learn along the line and from past mistakes.
Finally, let me say that the report is not a scam. I had the same thought like you when I had online contact with him. I still keep copies by my bedside and make references from time to time.
Wish you all the best.


Be courageous because nothing venture, nothing win!

John Ayodele