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Poultry farming is one of the most viable small scale businesses in Nigeria that has a large and guaranteed market. And it is a growing market with room for new entrants. The poultry business especially the layers chicken aspect for egg production is far from saturation.

The links and titles of some of the best patronized blog posts are stated below. Click on the links to access the contents.

http://wp.me/p11ziB-Hd (Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Are you still in doubt?)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-Dp (The Easier Way to Set up Your Farm)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-TS  (Unique & Basic Reports for Starters)
‎http://wp.me/s11ziB-2282 (How to identify Chickens That Will Not Lay Any Eggs)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-r1 (Profitability Analysis in MS Excel Format)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-nR (Testimony of a Man who Used This Blog to Set up a Farm)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-nj (How to Lose Money in the Business without Knowing)
http://wp.me/s11ziB-444 (Poultry Farming in Nigeria: A Goldmine)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-4j (Realistic Income Arithmetic)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-4e (Advantages of using Battery Cages)
http://wp.me/p11ziB-4G (How to Formulate Feed For Your Chickens)

For unique poultry reports,visit the poultry reports section @ http://www.poultryaffairsng.simplesite.com

John Ayodele


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  1. quite impacting sir. I hope to start as soon as I’m done with my degree program in 8mths. And yes; i will subscribe to ur reports. I am optimistic though I have had a beater past with birds, when in 2008 I lost 50birds with my first attempt. Great blog!

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