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Chicken Farming in Nigeria: Street Knowledge Secrets You Must Know!   1 comment

Chicken farming is a profitable but sensitive business. Many Nigerians are scared to venture into this business despite the facts that it can be lucrative if well managed; has a stable demand pattern; has no cultural or religious taboos affecting it and has a large guaranteed market. The common fear is high mortality rates. That is now a fear based largely on ignorance. The business has much developed that starters are now doing it with very low mortality rates and smiling to the bank.

No one will tell you that one of the sensitives and secrets to success in chicken farming in Nigeria is that you must limit the influx of persons into your chicken farm to the very barest minimum. Those going in there must be strictly limited to persons who have business doing in it.Your chicken farm is not an excursion site or tourist center for visitors to come visiting like a zoo.

Allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry access into the farm especially the chicken pen sections can have a negative impact on the fortunes of the farm. Apart from being a disease control violation, there are other dangers that can impact negatively which i cannot state here.That is street knowledge not available in any book.  Just get it clear that a chicken farm is not a zoo where all manner of visitors come for fun.

If you have a layers chicken farm, you must take this warning very seriously. As much as possible, do not allow even the customers for eggs to come into the chicken pen area.  Make it strictly ‘Out of Bounds to Non-Staff’. You can set up a farm office elsewhere where you take the eggs to, for the customers to buy. It could be a rented store in another location.
John Ayodele


Poultry Farming in Nigeria: The Better Period to Sell Your Old Layers   1 comment

In the layers chicken business, you sell the chickens at the end of egg production. At the end of egg production, they are known as expired/spent layers or old layers as they are called in Nigeria. End of egg production occurs usually after about 12 -15 months of consistent egg production; when the overall egg production has fallen by less than 50%; when the income from egg production is inadequate to pay their feed bill, all things being equal. In these scenario, the old layers can be sold.

In Nigeria, the old layers chicken business is big business any day but has its peak period. During Christmas 2013, an old layers chicken sold for N900.00 to N1000.00 in Lagos markets. The Christmas season is the best period to earn the best prices from the sale of old layers. Besides this festive season, old layers are not in demand and are sold at lower prices if your chickens’ end of egg production falls in an off Christmas season.

How do you set the timing to sell your old layers to get the best prices? Start with day old layers chickens around April to June in the year. Rear them for about 6 months to attain maturity to commence egg production. Produce eggs for about 12 -15 months, then sell during the Christmas season following the end of egg production. The revenue from the sales of the old layers can be used to start another chicken cycle for continuity.

For broilers chickens, start with day old chickens from around mid September to first week October. Rear for 12-14  weeks and start selling a few days to Christmas/New Year day. The heavier the weight, the more attractive the price.
John Ayodele