Poultry Farming : The Nature of the Market for Poultry Products   Leave a comment

According to a statement from the Poultry Association of Nigeria in The Punch in June 2015, Nigeria is losing about N400 billion annually to smuggling of poultry products into Nigeria. It was also stated based on research reports that:

Local production of chickens is falling short of the demand which has created an avenue for smuggling. The local demand for frozen chicken is about 2 million metric tons annually but the local farmers can only produce 300,000 metric tons leaving a shortfall of 1.7 million metric tons bridged by smugglers to the tune of about 1.2 million metric tons

The smuggled frozen chicken are unhealthy for consumption being preserved with formalin which is a dangerous chemical used to preserve corpses. The smuggled frozen chicken is sold at far lower prices than the local produced Nigerian frozen chicken thereby capable of killing local chicken industry

The smuggled frozen chicken contain high levels of bacteria that is responsible for digestive and intestinal health issues among consumers of frozen chicken. Smuggled frozen chicken is contaminated and therefore is linked to kidney and liver diseases and life threatening food borne diseases.

How does this news affect you and me? We should invest in poultry farming business especially egg production and frozen chicken. There is a high demand for these products and a huge shortfall in the supply pattern. There is a large inexhaustible and guaranteed market waiting to consume the products.

However, rearing chickens is a sensitive business. It is not a business that you jump into anyhow like you jump into bookstore or cement business. You need to be informed about the business, how it works and what makes it work before you invest one naira setting up structures.
John Ayodele


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