Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Unique Testimonials From Satisfied Blog Followers   2 comments


Since November 2010 that this blog was set up, hundreds of comments have been received. About 100 of them can be viewed in the Comments section on this blog. Some of the comments are as follows:

1) Happy birthday,Mr. John. I would never forget your valuable advice and educative materials that really helped us in setting up our farm. For your information, at exactly sixth months today, our birds are still doing well with mortality rate at just 2.1% and producing the golden eggs. We would always be grateful to you.
Usman Musa (nabaruma@yahoo.com),Kano State,Nigeria

2) Hello Ayo,
Thank you very much for taking up d challenge of leadership.
I must say stumbling into your blog site is the best thing that has ever happened to me in recent times.Your info came at the right time when am making plans to start up my own poultry farm. Can’t wait to lay my hands on your manuals.Good job brother.

3)Hello good morning.
This is the same lady from Ibadan. I have taken advice from the very helpful reports i bought from you. and right now i am at the stage 2 building pen houses. My consultant calculated that i can have 25ft by 90 ft pen houses. I met experienced builders who gave me an unrealistic price. So I’m back again for more advice. Please help me! Anxiously awaiting your reply.
believenmona@yahoo.com (Ibadan, Oyo State,Nigeria)

4) This blog has actually reduced my fear of investing in poultry farming… Great This blog has actually reduced my fear of investing in poultry farming… Great This blog has actually reduced my fear of investing in poultry farming… Great This blog has actually reduced my fear of investing in poultry farming… Great job!

5)Very nice and informative blog. As a poultry farmer I always search for this types of news and blog post related to poultry birds and poultry farming business. Really enjoyed your website writing.

6)I am knowledgeable about poultry farming due to my course of study at higher institution. But i must confess that your blog posts really equip me more. i want to start pullet rearing very soon which i also believe i need season consultant. i reside in Sango Ota, Ogun state. please can you link me up with a nearby consultant? Where can i get reliable point of lay since i am starting with 500 birds using battery cage system.

7)Honestly i do not know how to thank you enough.I applied the medications and there is some improvement.Thank you very much.Madam Ngozi (Kebbi State,Nigeria) 0806287925

8)Hello Mr.John The day i gave my chickens the drug stated in your chicken disease and vaccine report,the mortality stopped immediately. Thanks for your advice. rainb4real@yahoo.com (Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria)

9) Thanks so much sir. The package is much more than the money . My prayer is that you and your family will never regret, amen.Oyeshinaabisoye@gmail.com (Ogun State,Nigeria)

10) Good day Mr Ayo. My name is Davies, i contacted you sometimes last year in regard to my poultry. Thanks for your advice and your blog has been really helpful to me and my wife. Well i am contacting you again, because i want to know the best place to get a good battery cage.(Davies427@yahoo.com)

11) Mr John,Good Morning.I wish to commend you for your poultry reports i purchased last year.They have really helped me in my poultry business as a beginner. i purchased six of the 7 reports then and now i need…’ (Judithidogo@gmail.com)

12) Sir,i must confess that the two reports i got are really good.If all farmers can read your books before setting up their farm,they will surely have no problems with mortality (Mosesbassey@gmail.com)

13) Dear Mr. John,Trust the work has been fulfilling so far. And kudos to you for the materials, they are indeed comprehensive (jobitundedami@yahoo.co.uk)

14) I am a farmer into poultry,piggery and fishery,to say the truth this site is so educative as far as u have the vision of farming (modestobioma@yahoo.com)
15 a) I was in contact with you about poultry farming while I was in the UK. If you are able to recollect, I purchased all your reports and I am now in Ibadan. I have started the poultry farm all is going fine.  Thanks for the reports, they have been most useful and a good reference. I started with 3000 birds and the mortality rate has been very low but i need your advice regarding a challenge… (olasunmonu@yahoo.com)

15 b) Thank you sir for all your advice regarding our challenge. My birds are relatively doing well at 86% but lately have started cannibalism. Please advise me what i can do. Many thanks sir (olasunmonu@yahoo.com)

15 c) Thank you sir for this useful information that has addressed cannibalism, well appreciated.(olasunmonu@yahoo.com)

16) Oga Ayodele, i downloaded the Reports 2,3 and 5 on 16/7/15. They are too fantastic. Many secrets i have not known are exposed in them. What a marvelous experience you have. I am grateful. Keep it up sir. (obualex@gmail.com, Delta State)

17) That is informative,i got mine last year although not yet implemented but i appreciate every bit of the stuff. The impressive thing about this blog is that they kept their word when it comes to delivery,they did as was said.Thanks for being honest (charllydon2k@yahoo.co.uk).

John Ayodele


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2 responses to “Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Unique Testimonials From Satisfied Blog Followers

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  1. Detailed and Simple to understand
    Thanks alot


  2. Yes, very useful blogs.


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