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Poultry Farming: LEARN to Write a Simple Poultry Business Plan   Leave a comment

I am making suggestions how you can write a simple business plan by yourself and get the funding without paying anyone to write for you. However, you may consult an expert for an independent, expert opinion especially where you require customized and standard business plans for some categories of investors.

Many interested persons who wish to set up poultry farms lack the funding and may need a loan facility. An investor such as an individual will likely ask you to write a business plan for him to assess the business idea in terms of viability, marketability and other facts before committing his funds to your farming venture.

If you are writing a business plan for an investor for the purpose of obtaining a loan, the format recommended starts with an Executive Summary. The Executive Summary aspect of a business plan is a one page summary that includes basics such as:

A very short history of the business
Amount and type of financing required
Amount of equity already invested and collateral offered
Purpose for which the loan will be used
A short summary of your experience in the industry and business viability

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