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This highly rated blog is a poultry advisory site owned by John Ayodele that teaches Nigerians how to do small poultry farming successfully, without stress or with the barest minimum stress and still smile to the bank.

I am making suggestions how you can write a simple business plan by yourself and get the funding without paying anyone to write for you. However, you may consult an expert for an independent, expert opinion especially where you require customized and standard business plans for some categories of investors.

Many interested persons who wish to set up poultry farms lack the funding and may need a loan facility. An investor such as an individual will likely ask you to write a business plan for him to assess the business idea in terms of viability, marketability and other facts before committing his funds to your farming venture.

If you are writing a business plan for an investor for the purpose of obtaining a loan, the format recommended starts with an Executive Summary. The Executive Summary aspect of a business plan is a one page summary that includes basics such as:

  • A very short history of the business
  • Amount and type of financing required
  • Amount of equity already invested and collateral offered
  • Purpose for which the loan will be used
  • A short summary of your experience in the industry and business viability


In January 2015, John Ayodele established JO & EL Farms Limited with the intention to set up a layers chicken venture for egg production as well as a broiler segment for meat production.

In order to make this venture possible, he is seeking for N2 million loan that will be used to remodel the potential site, purchase inventory and equipment and provide some working capital.

John Ayodele is investing landed property and N200, 000.00 of his own funds as contribution to the venture. The collateral he is offering will be the business assets of JO & El Farms Limited which include the landed property recently valued for N3million. In addition, he will personal guarantee the loan.

John Ayodele has worked with Wazobia Farms Plc. for 10 years in a managerial capacity and has attended numerous professional courses in poultry farming management. He knows the business inside and out and is excited at the prospects of setting up his own chicken farm.

He has studied the feasibility of the proposed venture and is confident of its safety and potential for profit. He has made very conservative projections based on his wide experience and industry averages.


The above is a guide which you may modify. Following the Executive Summary will be the TABLE OF CONTENTS which is an outline of the major divisions of your business plan. The first item on the Table of Contents is ‘The Business’ where you will provide more details of the proposed business.

John Ayodele


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