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Poultry farming in Nigeria: Time to Start Rearing Broilers for Xmas   Leave a comment

The fastest way to make money in chicken farming is doing broiler farming. Broiler farmers have started rearing broiler chickens targeting Christmas. Let me tell you some of the advantages of rearing broilers:

Compared to layer farming, the investment in broiler farming is much lower
The rearing period is shorter at 5-7 weeks and up to a maximum of 12 weeks or more.
It provides faster returns on investment.
The demand for poultry meat provided by broilers and cockerels is higher than for goats.
Broiler farming is much less stressful than layer farming
Battery cages are not required in broiler farming.

Before you can rear broiler chickens successfully, there are 4 crucial factors to take note of else you burn your fingers. The best time to earn good profit is to start now targeting Xmas because during Xmas, many people lose their reason and buy based on emotions and impulse. You got to take advantage of that to collect the money from their pockets. They spend while you earn but…

Hear this!

There is a right and a wrong way to rear broilers.

You may rear broilers and make a clear loss if you rear them at the wrong period in the year when demand is low and prices are low and you do not understand the feeding technique to rear quality broilers at the lowest costs of feed that will fetch you profit whatever period in the year. If you are interested in chicken farming, what are you waiting for?

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John Ayodele