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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: More Facts About Battery Cages   1 comment

Welcome to my acclaimed poultry blog, where you learn about chicken farming business and cannot miss your way if you follow the guides here. Talking about battery cages, the battery cage system is more effective than the deep litter system. To know more about the battery cage system, visit the link for full details.

The quality depends on the type of wire that was used. The best wire is galvanized wire, anti-corrosive or rust proof that can last 25 years. Battery cages rarely spoil and require very little maintenance. So when going for battery cages, ask for galvanized wire cages.

You can buy fairly used battery cages which some farmer wants to sell. Usually, they are in good condition, as good as new and can serve many more years. You can get them for about N35000.00 per unit for the automated, water circulatory battery cages. The manual type cages cost from N20,000.00 to N25000.00 per unit for galvanized wire cages. If you cannot buy imported brand new, go for the fairly used battery cages.

If you cannot afford battery cages and want to do chicken farming, go ahead with the deep litter system. The majority of chicken farmers in Nigeria especially the small farmers operate the deep litter system. But it requires more work than in the battery cage system. Get more details from the link

You can import battery cages from abroad from places like China. They are cheaper, about $120 to $150 per unit. When it was $1 to N150.00, a battery cage that was imported for $150.00 was sold for about N75000.00 in Nigeria and no import duties were paid on the import. But for you to import, the minimum is one container. The smaller container contains 20 units while the larger container contains 40 units. You can import them if you are doing a layer chicken farm that has thousands of chickens.

Battery cages fabricated locally with local wire are available but on an honest note, they are not ideal. They do not last and are too costly. It is better you buy fairly used galvanized wire cages than local wire cages.

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