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My 9 Unique How-to-Setup a Poultry Farm Manuals For Starters   1 comment

I, John Ayodele welcome you to this highly rated and acclaimed poultry blog for Nigerians that teaches what it takes to do chicken farming successfully with the barest minimum upset and smile to the bank

The unique poultry reports and manuals below in p.d.f have generated many unique testimonials from satisfied clients.You can read a few of them at the link The reports are as follows:

1) How to set up and operate a profitable poultry (layer) farm in Nigeria (A Beginner’s guide)

2) How to set up and operate a profitable broiler chicken farm (A Starter’s Guide).

3) The third report is titled ‘Compounded Feed Mix for layers & broilers (A Beginner’s Guide).This report has full details of all the ingredients in the feed and the various nutritional ratios for each phase of growth -brooding phase, grower phase, laying phase etc

4) The 4th report is a detailed Profit Analysis for set up of 1000 layers chicken farm and includes the following:

a) The basics of egg production figures in layers chickens:
it explains how to make realistic egg revenue projection, not bogus figures based on common wrong assumptions. And it explains the general rule in egg production and the six exceptions to the rule apply to arrive at realistic egg projections which many Nigerians are not aware of, or do not understand, and which makes a huge difference in poultry farming management.

b) The food consumption of a layers chicken in kg from day old age to 56 days old i.e initial 8 week

The food consumption of a layers chicken in kg from 57 days old to 140 days old i.e 9th to 20th week

The food consumption level of a layers chicken in kg from day age 141 days to end of egg production i.e. above 20th week to end of egg production

c) The cost and breakdown of equipment required to set up a 1000 bird layers farm

d) How to calculate the feeding cost on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

e) The principles or rules guiding feeding in layers chickens

f) The principles that determine profitability in layers chickens

This Profit Report 4 is based on using commercial feeds to raise the chickens and minimum price per crate

5) The 5th report is Chicken Disease Control &Drug Administration Report which discusses the more common poultry diseases affecting chickens in Nigeria to watch out for (cause, symptoms, treatment &prevention). Also, a guide on vaccine administration from day 1 to end of egg production.

6) The 6th report is a valuable report which discuss the following details:
A)The factors to note before setting up a home backyard
B) The 22 major variables to take note of in poultry farming
C) How to address the loop in egg production that farm staff can exploit to your disadvantage
D) Other atrocities committed by farm staffs and dishonest consultants that can cause losses & preventive measures
E)Recommended places to get some poultry products and services.

If you are interested in layer farming, this 6th report is an essential, in addition to Report 1(layer report) above.

7) Report 7 is a Profitability Analysis for 12 months for a 1000 layers laid out on MS Excel format. It is similar to report 4 but is a more detailed analysis. To view its contents, click on

This report 7 has been updated in January 2016 to analyze the profit based on (A) Using commercial chicken feed to raise the chickens and (B) Using self milled feeds to feed the chickens. Further, this report presents to you the profit calculation in two scenarios – the excellent case scenario where the egg production is higher and the worst case scenario where the egg production is lower. 3rdly, this report reflects the diminishing pattern in egg production which occurs after a period of consistent production. 4th, it contains the cash flow projections for the period.

Note: That this Report 7 is available in 2 formats. One format is Profit Analysis for 1000 layers chickens based on feeding with commercial feeds.
The second format is Profit Analysis for 1000 layers chickens based on feeding with self-milled feeds.They are two separate reports and each has working notes explaining the calculations

8) The Working Notes: That teach you how to do all the necessary calculations of incomes and expenditures and how to make a budget before you start the farm.It explains the calculation of all the figures in Report 7.

9) Self Milling Chicken Feed Profitability Analysis Report

10) Meat Production Plant Report
11) Poultry Business Plan

I present a wonderful package of poultry reports at unbeatable cheap prices

In addition to these reports are the following unique bonuses:

A) Picture Guide: A standard layout design of a poultry farm. With this, no need troubling yourself about the layout of the farm buildings and facilities.
B) Breakdown of materials/cost of constructing a Chicken Pen for 1000 chickens.
C) Picture Guide: Dimensions for Arrangement of Battery Cages in the Chicken Pen
D) Picture Guide: Chicken Pen Layout design for a 5000 capacity farm (showing the setup of flushing system within the pen + specific measurements)
E) A Standard Cockerel Vaccine Report
F) Poultry Waste Management Report


1) Report 1 costs N3500 and reports 2,3 and 4,5,6 and 9 cost N3000.00 each.

Report 7 (a) for Profit Analysis in Excel Format along with its Working Note Report 8(a) cost N7500.00 for the analysis based on using commercial feeds.
Report 7 (b) for Profit Analysis in Excel Format along with its Working Note Report 8(b) cost N6,500.00 for the analysis based on using self milled feeds.

Pick any of the above reports in Option 1 at the prices stated OR


2)Invest in Poultry Reports 1 to 6 + 9 in one order i.e. 7 reports for N17500.00 and the unique bonuses A to F are attached. (N4000.00 price discount + 6 Bonuses)
3) Reports 1,2,3,4,5,6,7a,8a and 9 with all the 6 bonuses A-F costs N22500.00(N6500.00 discount + 6 bonus)
4) Reports 1,2,3,4,5,6,7b,8b and 9 with all the 6 bonuses A-F costs N21500.00 (N7500.00 discount + 6 bonuses)
5) Reports 1,2,3,4,5,6,7a,8a,7b,8b & 9 for 27500.00 i.e all the 11 poultry reports and all 6 bonuses + Report 10 given as bonus 7.(N8000.00 price discount + 7 bonuses)
Payment details are as follows:

Bank: Ecobank Bank Nigeria Plc.
Account Number:Ayodele Adegbulugbe (3801002049)

Send payment details + email address + details of reports required to Phone number +2348035978352

On the receipt of bank confirmation, the reports paid for will be forwarded to your email address

John Ayodele



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