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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Know a Good Farm Site For Poultry   1 comment

Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Know a Good Farm Site For Your Poultry Business

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The neighbours on the site must be friendly. That means you must never set up a poultry farm in a hostile environment.

The right or the desired quality of workers must be available at a reasonable cost and resident near the site.

The farm site should be as close as possible to the center of demand for the poultry products
Proximity to a main road for easier and faster movement to the market

Availability of land in the area for possible future expansion

Communication facilities are necessary

Availability of consultants and animal doctors are crucial and must be accessible to the site and also to be available on demand at the fastest possible time.


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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: The Hazards in Overcrowding the Chicken Pen   Leave a comment

Many Nigerians do deep litter system because the poultry battery system is more capital intensive and the battery cages too costly to acquire. But the common mistake many make in setting up a deep litter system is overcrowding which causes serious problems.

Overcrowding chickens is a serious hazard that can cause poor egg production in layers chicken farming. From inception, the farmer should know how many chickens his chicken pen can safely accommodate at various ages of development of the chickens.

For example, if the intended poultry chicken pen size is 40 feet by 40 feet, he should know how many chickens the pen can accommodate by the time the chickens enter the egg laying phase. If he is starting with day old chickens, how many chickens can a brooders house of a certain size accommodate?

The solution is to know the amount of square feet of space that a poultry chicken requires at various ages of development from brooder status to egg laying ages. Not to know this is to plan for avoidable stress and failure.

if the farmer can calculate from inception how many chickens his intended chicken pen size can reasonably accommodate in the egg laying phase that the chickens are fully matured, he will know how many chickens to buy as starting stock. Many buy more than necessary and find out too late that they have overstocked and cannot quickly expand their facilities

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Poultry Farming for Nigerians: How to Determine Realistic Egg Production   Leave a comment

If you do not have the right details about the business and you just dabble into this sensitive business, you are likely to get poor results or lose your entire investment and come out with a tale of woe. Some people who rushed into it blindly and failed in it will not touch the business again even with a long pole.

The profitability:
Layer farming is the most lucrative of the three chicken types.The general rule is that a layer chick will lay an egg daily for 18-24 months but there are about 6 exceptions to this general rule. Some newbies are misled to believe that 500 layers will lay 500 eggs consistently, daily for 2 years.On this basis,they jump into the business on utterly wrong assumptions. So,do not believe anyone who tells you that 500 chickens will lay 500 eggs daily for 2 years.That is a capital LIE!

The egg production arithmetic does not work that way in real life as there are some exceptions. At the end of their laying period or when production drops drastically, you sell them. The market for old layers is very large. Poultry business is still lucrative in Nigeria but there is a price to pay to manage the chickens properly from inception and maintain them in excellent health.

The Challenge:
The challenge here is the ability to maintain a consistently healthy flock of chickens and the ability to keep them alive. It is a healthy chicken that will produce and its a living chicken that you can sell at the end of the laying period.A lot of effort goes into raising a healthy chicken

There are a lot of essential areas about the business that a beginner should be conversant with to be able to operate a profitable poultry farm. As a starter,you can start a small farm at home and operate it successfully and profitably without much stress and with minimum upset provided you know what to do and doing it at the right time.

It is an interesting business to do. You are like their father and mother on the farm.If you can not pay the price to do what is right and to maintain close supervision,it is advisable not to invest in it unless you have a competent and reliable hand to represent your interest.Sort out the management issue before set up. You have been warned!
John Ayodele