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This poultry blog, known as Johnayodele’s blog  is owned by John Ayodele Adegbulugbe, a Nigerian. It is a highly acclaimed blog which is listed among the Top 50 Poultry Websites and Blogs in the world.

The purpose of this blog is to educate and re-orientate Nigerians about the potentialities in chicken farming in Nigeria, how to do it with the barest minimum upset and smile to the bank.

In Nigeria, chicken farming is one of the viable business that can be set up on a micro, small or large scale. Despite its potentialities, many are afraid of the business who see it as a failure prone business and will not touch it with a long pole.

There is so much misinformation peddled about the business scaring interested investors away from it. In Nigeria, there is generally a low level awareness about almost everything not limited to chicken farming business.

Via this forum, the author John Ayodele shares his little knowledge and experience. If you are interested in chicken farming in Nigeria, read the blog posts with an open mind and apply what you learn in them.

The ideas will work for you if you are diligent and meticulous in application. That is what the business needs: diligent and meticulous application of the basics. Then you must know what the basics are, else you are gambling and gambling in the business, you are sure to lose!

Read the blog, get the valuable insights and apply them and show good results as others have done. There are many testimonies from satisfied blog followers  who utilized the resources on this blog and the link to some of them is http://wp.me/p11ziB-TS.

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Posted August 11, 2010 by johnayodele

17 responses to “About the Author, John Ayodele

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  1. I love your works here. Keep it up.


  2. Dear Mr Ayodele,Thanks for all your intresting and informative advise on your blog,please is it possible to buy any of your books in the U.K.
    Thanks P.Odusanya


  3. Hello Mr Ayodele,

    I would to commend you on your effort in wanting to point aspiring poultry farmers like me in the right direction. Could you provide more information about the cost and delivery method of your books/articles, please?



  4. Dear Mr Ayodele, your material is excellent. I have interest in poultry farming especially layers as a business. I have zero knowledge about the biz. How many are the blog and cost? What is the mode of payment?
    Kind regards
    Seye Mafe


  5. While I have just in come in contact with this blogs through web search on the topic of Starter layer farm management for profitability, I hope to settle the matter of acquiring all 18 reports combinations before next weekend.
    Meanwhile, the particular thing that pointed me to the blogs was information on the place to buy battery cages, and their prices for 4000 birds farm.
    Again, advise on the pros and cons of this particular method of layer farm management.
    Thank you and best regards.




  7. Words is nt enough,just say keep it up


    Oyeshina Abisoye
  8. Hello
    Thanks for this information on poultry. Pls. Where can I buy broilers and layers chicken and what is the cost for each chicken. You can send it through my email.


  9. This blog is one of the most insightful piece of information out there that educates on the subject of poultry farming. pls mr. Ayodele, as a young unemployed graduate who is interested in poultry farming, i need your candid advice on how to start my own poultry business and also suggestions on a good place where i can get adequate practical training as I would like to have comprehensive knowledge of this business. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon


  10. I’m glad I saw this site… everyone has been telling me that I can’t have a poultry in a residential zone because of the smell. I would love to have information on how I can start my own poultry business, I would be grateful for some help.


  11. Good morning sir
    Before anything, I have to commend you for the effort put in place to come up with this encouraging and detail oriented blog.
    Please, am about to set up a poultry with the intention of starting with Point of Lay as a beginner. But I have been getting too many confusing advices, some people are saying it’s better with day old while some are saying it’s better with point of lay.
    But reading through your blog, you mention somewhere that it is better for a beginner to go for Point of Lay and you made mention of it’s availability with you if needed
    Please can you advice me further on this i.e which is better point of lay or day old?? And secondly, how can I get in touch with you to buy the point of lay you mentioned??
    I’ll appreciate it if I can get response to this mail through this my email address because it may be difficult to locate the response if published within your blog. Or better still, I think it can be sent to my mail and at the same time publish on your blog for the benefit of other followers like me.
    Thank you very much for your prompt response in anticipation. God bless you.
    Biyi (IBADAN)


  12. Dear Biyi
    Please check your email address for the reply.
    Thank you sir
    John Ayodele


  13. Just came across the blog,very insightful I must say.Thanks alot.God bless u.


  14. I came across your blog while surfing the internet,its very educating thank you very much,pls I have some financial challenge so I wanted to use the deep liter system but from what I read from your blog I want to consider the battery cage but the local made or foreign Nigeria use that will accomodate 120 birds that I can afford,I want to know how much,tanx


  15. Dear Rachael
    For the answer to your question,please call the phone number


  16. Hi,
    Did u write the article below?

    The Goldmine in Plantain farming.


  17. Yes


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