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Poultry Farming: Which Type of Chicken is the Best to Start With?   Leave a comment

The fastest way to make money or to recoup your investment in poultry farming is through broiler chicken farming. Broilers are for meat production and are reared for 5-7-12 weeks. At 5-7 weeks, you can sell them to eateries and fast food companies.

The chicken business that will provide you with steady cash flow, daily income over a longer period of time and the more lucrative is layer farming for egg production. However, layer farming is more stressful and more capital intensive than broiler farming. You will rear layers for up to 18- 20-22 weeks before egg production starts and you will maintain them for another 15-18 months on the farm.

If you are supplying broilers to a fast food company, then you must have the financial resources to produce in thousands and regularly too. If you have a small budget, you can rear about 50-100 broilers in your backyard at home and sell at 12 weeks. You can rear them to target a festive period such as Christmas where demand is higher.

If you are rearing a small flock for Christmas, you should start by mid-September to first week October and by mid-December, they are ready for sale. Then start selling from December 23 to January 1st.This is the period you can get the best possible prices. Endeavor to sell all by January 1 because, by the following day, January 2nd the prices may crash when demand falls.

If price crashes below your cost of production and you continue to feed the birds, that means you are making a loss. This means that you should produce what you can sell and have to put in extra effort to locate your own market. With good farm management, feeding techniques and marketing strategy, 100% profit is assured.

In the layer farming business, once your chickens have commenced egg production, look for 2 egg retailers to tell within or outside your neighborhood. Within few days or weeks, you will see a stream of customers whom you did not tell knocking on your door asking for eggs. The market for eggs is very large.

The third type, the cockerel chicken reared for meat production goes through the same rearing processes as the layers and broilers. The three types have different vaccination schedules. The cockerel is a more rugged bird than the layers and broilers and can survive many odds much better than the others if properly vaccinated from inception.

But some do not rear cockerels because they take too long to mature for sale (about 5-6 months) and if you sell in an off season you may make a loss, selling below cost of production. Timing of the sale matters, take note.

If you are rearing a few broilers and cockerel as a backyard farmer, it is advised that you target a festival period where demand will be high and you can get good prices that will fetch you a clean profit.
The chicken farming business is real good business.

Then, it is not as easy as it seems. It is a sensitive business but the risk is manageable. It requires hard work and prompt attention to details. For example, to do well in broiler farming, there are about four main challenges you must solve to have smooth farming operations.
John Ayodele


Poultry farming: How to Formulate Feed By Yourself   2 comments

In poultry farming business in Nigeria, the feed is the major overhead cost which many small farmers grumble about. You can get poultry feeds by buying from reputable producers who produce what we call ‘factory processed or ready made feeds’. These feeds are usually of excellent quality, containing all the relevant nutrients in the correct proportions required for healthy growth and development of the chickens.However,many Nigerians think they are too costly.

An alternative cost effective approach, is for you to compound your own feed for your chickens.This is done by assembling the various feed ingredients in their right proportions and processing them at a miller’s.But there are some limitations that determine whether it is worthwhile doing self milling.

Your production cost will be determined by market conditions and factors such as the sources of purchase of the feed ingredients,cost and quality of the feed ingredients,transport costs,your scale of purchases,the miller’s costs etc.

To be able to produce a feed equal in quality to factory processed feeds,you must have a knowledge of the Compounded feed plan indicating the various feed ingredients and their formulation ratio(correct nutritional proportions) for the different stages of development in the chickens.

The objective here is that you can make more profits and spend much less on feeding the birds if you compound your own feed for your chickens i.e. if conditions are favourable.

The feed mix for Layers for different stages of development as following:
Starter Mash 0-8 weeks
Grower Mash 9-20 weeks
Layer mash 20 weeks to end of laying period

Starter Mash 0-5 weeks
Finisher Mash 6-12 weeks

Our Report is a starter’s guide, contains comprehensive, detailed¬† information on feed formulation and its nutritional ratios for layers and broilers. Consult a nutritionist for expert advice before venturing into self milling or feed formulation because you can burn your fingers if you get it wrong.

John Ayodele

Chicken Farming in Nigeria: Good Business Opportunities For Everyone   3 comments

The opportunities and potentials to make money in poultry farming are many.Some of the opportunities are as follows:

1) Selling livestock feeds: Livestock feeds are in high demand in the market. It sells very well. Register with the major producers and you can set up as a retailer, wholesaler or distributor depending on their terms. Major ones include Top feed, Boar Feeds, Sanders Feeds, Cornerstone Feeds and Livestock Feeds. There are many other brands in the market.

2)Producing livestock feed:You can set up a feed mill in your backyard and produce chicken feed for farmers. You need to know the correct nutritional proportions that make up the feed for the different stages of development of the chickens. For instance, the feed composition ratios for layers (1 day to 8 weeks) is different from the feed composition from 9 weeks to 20 weeks.

3) Sell Poultry vaccines and drugs to farmers.

4) Sell Battery Cages (new and fairly used.The battery cage business is good business in Nigeria. If you have the resources to import them, do it. It costs about $120.00 to $150.00 abroad to buy a unit and sold here for N70,000.00 to N100,000.00 per unit.You pay no custom duties on them.
You can look for farmers who have used or old battery cages to sell, buy them and resell.You can get old cages for less than N20,000.00 and sell for N35,000.00 per unit.If you have storage space, you are in business.You can also be a broker linking buyers and sellers and get a commission on sales.

5)Sell other poultry equipment such as steel feeders,drinkers, egg crates etc.

6) Rear day old chickens up to 6 weeks and sell them to farmers. Many newbies are scared of rearing day old. It is a little difficult to rear day old because the brooding stage (1 day to 6 weeks) is the most critical stage in the life of a chicken requiring experienced handling and management.

You can acquire the experience, know how to rear day old chickens and sell them to others. 5-6 week old layer chickens are always  in high demand .

7)You can rear the chickens and sell them at age 15-18 weeks as point-of-lay birds.There is high demand for point-of-lay birds by farmers who do not want to go through the stress of rearing chickens from day old to egg laying maturity. Many starters go for point-of-lay chickens.

8) Set up as an egg supplier.There are companies who need eggs in large quantities usually hundreds or thousands of crates.Get the supply contract and source the eggs from farmers who have them.Do a market analysis first.Know the farm price, the minimum order, the cost of transportation and the price to sell to the client and your profit.

9) Sell Chicken waste. Collect chicken waste from farmers, dry them and bag them for resale to crop farmers. Chicken waste is the richest quality in animal manure. Selling chicken waste is an upcoming market in Nigeria.

John Ayodele