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Chicken Farming in Nigeria: Important, indispensable facts to success   1 comment

1)The poultry business is one of the most viable businesses in Nigeria. The market for poultry products especially eggs is large and it is a guaranteed market. The products are always in demand from day to day, and the market for poultry products is far from saturation. This is unlike many of those businesses that Nigerians admire and run after even when their market is densely over saturated.

2)This business has been misunderstood by many Nigerians who dread it, largely based on their own ignorance, misinformation and false myths being peddled about the business. The difference between success and failure in the business is not money but knowledge. More of your knowledge base than money! People say they need money for the business and when they get it, they mess up and begin to wonder what went wrong.Knowledge comes first, so strive to have it. Else, your money goes down the drain and you think that the witches in your village are after you.

3) To do the business successfully, without tears and with minimum upset, you must be conversant about the basic processes. You must be detail oriented and have the time for it and attention.You can do this business, so do not allow negative minds to discourage you.Please do not gamble in the business. it is too risky and unwise to do that.

4) The processes of the business are simple but require diligence and meticulous application. That is where the problem is with many Nigerians who want overnight riches without any sweat and are ready to jump into any business idea without sound analytical reasoning.

5) If you are the lazy type, please find another business that accommodates laziness. Poultry is hard work but you get good returns for your labor. Sure!If you are determined and have a dream,pursue that dream regardless of the risks involved and the experiences of others.If someone has failed in a venture, is that an indication that you will also fail?

6) In chicken farming, you will make money but to make the money, you must pay close attention to details, be highly observant and observe strict hygiene among other practices.If you cannot pay the price to do what is required in chicken farming, PLEASE and PLEASE, do not do the business.Find another business to invest your time,money and energy in. As good as the chicken business is, it is not for everyone who thinks he has the money and can just dabble into it. Dabbling into it is a high risk foolishness.
John Ayodele