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Poultry Farming: Common Mistakes That Spoil The Business (1)   1 comment

Poor Farm Location
You are welcome to my acclaimed poultry blog where i share my little skills and experience in poultry farming business for the benefit of anyone who has ears to hear, who can believe and can apply what he learns here.if you are new to poultry farming, you are advised to read the 50+ articles on this blog as a starting point.

Poultry farming business is a viable and lucrative business in Nigeria and used to be one of the most feared or dreaded. i acknowledge that there are sweet and bitter aspects in this business but the bitter aspects can be managed if you have the right information to manage them. TheĀ  details of the sweet and bitter aspects of this business have been fully discussed in the previous 40+ posts.

Talking about a business that has a guaranteed market, a steady and rising demand for its products and a business that has no religious or cultural taboos in Nigeria,and potential for good returns on investment, it is poultry farming business especially the chicken aspect ie the layers, broilers and cockerels. For verifiable evidence of some who have heard, believed and applied the resources on this blog and have testimonials,click

I want to talk about what makes a good location for success in poultry farming which is an area where some have had problems which affected the business. A good farm site is crucial to success in the business. There are many factors to take note of in site selection.

A good farm location must not have been used for poultry farming for about 5 years previously.The location should be situate near a source of regular and clean water.Flowing streams and deep wells are good but ponds are not good.The land should have a gentle slope that can drain water. A flat terrain may be bad if it cannot drain water and a hilly land that suffers from erosion is not good.
To be continued
John Ayodele