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Poultry Farming for Nigerians: Counting the Cost before Starting…   Leave a comment

For a beginner,it is wise to count the cost before starting out.You should know how much it will cost you to feed a certain number of chickens for a given period for instance, how much to feed day old chickens from day one to about 18-22 weeks that egg production is expected to commence.

It is either you use ready made feeds to feed your chickens or you formulate your own feed which could be cheaper for you but the cost effectiveness of feed formulation plan depends on your scale of operations and other factors. You should know how to make a realistic income forecast taking into account the general rule in egg production and its exceptions to arrive at a reasonable egg production estimate

Some farmers venture into poultry business rearing chicken without knowing the feeding cost upfront.Along the way, they became cash strapped. Some panic by changing the feed without proper guidance which compounds the problem.

Before changing their feed, get proper counsel from an animal nutritionist and better still make adequate financial provision to feed the birds for at least 22 weeks. To formulate your own feed on your own farm, please consult a nutritionist for advice on nutritional ratios to formulate the feed.

You need to know the cost of setting up farm assets such as the chicken pen, store rooms for feed and eggs, farm house,water source etc and you should know the variable costs such as feeding and medication costs, cleaning,vet fees, staff wages etc.In addition, you should know what to expect in terms of egg revenue based on reasonable and realistic egg production estimates.
John Ayodele