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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Avoid Overcrowding the Chicken Pen   Leave a comment

Poultry Farming: How to Avoid Overstocking in the Deep Litter System

Many Nigerians do deep litter system because the poultry battery system is more capital intensive and the battery cages too costly to acquire. But the common mistake many make in setting up a deep litter system is overcrowding which causes serious problems.

Overcrowding chickens is a serious hazard that can cause poor egg production in layers chicken farming. From inception, the farmer should know how many chickens his chicken pen can safely accommodate at various ages of development of the chickens.

For example, if the intended poultry chicken pen size is 40 feet by 40 feet, he should know how many chickens the pen can accommodate by the time the chickens enter the egg laying phase. If he is starting with day old chickens, how many chickens can a brooders house of a certain size accommodate?

The solution is to know the amount of square feet of space that a poultry chicken requires at various ages of development from brooder status to egg laying ages. Not to know this is to plan for avoidable stress and failure.

if the farmer can calculate from inception how many chickens his intended chicken pen size can reasonably accommodate in the egg laying phase that the chickens are fully matured, he will know how many chickens to buy as starting stock. Many buy more than necessary and find out too late that they have overstocked and cannot quickly expand their facilities.

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My 6 Unique ‘How-to-Set up a Poultry Farm Manuals’ For Starters (Updated March 8, 2018)   2 comments

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The informative reports are as follows:

1) How to set up and operate a profitable poultry (layer) farm in Nigeria (A Beginner’s guide)

2) How to set up and operate a profitable broiler chicken farm (A Starter’s Guide).

3) The third report is titled ‘Compounded Feed Mix for layers & broilers (A Beginner’s Guide).This report has full details of all the ingredients in the feed and the various nutritional ratios for each phase of growth -brooding phase, grower phase, laying phase etc

4) The 4th report is a detailed Profit Analysis for set up of 500 layers chicken farm and includes the following based on market prices as at March 8, 2018.

Analyses the cost of feeding 500 day old layers chickens in the brooding phase, the growers phase and the egg production phase using both the factory finished feeds option and the self-milling feed option, showing the cost savings between the two options and how significant the cost savings can be.

Analysis the overall profitability of a 500 layers chicken farm taking note of the projected egg income and the expenses to be incurred in running the farm, indicating the profits to realize in the business and how significant the profit margin can be.

Explains how to prepare realistic egg production and realistic egg revenue estimates

Explains how to determine the realistic feeding consumption levels of a layers chicken at various ages from week 1 to week 72 including the 3 growth phases – the brooding, grower and layer phases.

5) The 5th report is Chicken Disease Control &Drug Administration Report which discusses the more common poultry diseases affecting chickens in Nigeria to watch out for (cause, symptoms, treatment &prevention). Also, a guide on vaccine administration from day 1 to end of egg production.

6) The 6th report is a valuable report which discuss the following details:
A)The factors to note before setting up a home backyard
B) The 22 major variables to take note of in poultry farming
C) How to address the loop in egg production that farm staff can exploit to your disadvantage
D) Other atrocities committed by farm staffs and dishonest consultants that can cause losses & preventive measures
E)Recommended places to get some poultry products and services.

7) The 7th report is a Profit & Cost Analysis in Excel Format based on 2015 figures therefore obsolete.It is to be reviewed and updated to reflect 2018 figures and is not available now. To view the details in the obsolete report, click

In addition to the available reports 1-6 above, are the following unique bonuses:

A) Picture Guide: A standard layout design of a poultry farm. With this, no need troubling yourself about the layout of the farm buildings and facilities.
B) Breakdown of materials/cost of constructing a Chicken Pen for 1000 chickens.
C) Picture Guide: Dimensions for Arrangement of Battery Cages in the Chicken Pen
D) Picture Guide: Chicken Pen Layout design for a 5000 capacity farm (showing the setup of flushing system within the pen + specific measurements)
E) A Standard Cockerel Vaccine Report
F) Poultry Waste Management Report


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