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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Boost Egg Production   1 comment

I have received calls from some farmers who complained about poor egg production from their layers chickens.

There are various factors that can be responsible for poor egg production in layers chickens and include the following:
• Parasites
• Sudden changes in light
• Diseases
• Excessive medication
• Vaccination stress reactions
• Cannibalism
• Infections
• Sanitation and hygiene related issues
• Inadequate floor spacing and ventilation challenges
• Poor feeding and poor watering

 Parasites
Poultry parasites are either internal or external and pose serious discomfort to the chickens and can cause failing health for them.
The internal parasites are the worms that hinder the growth and development and also cause a drop in egg production by feeding on the chickens.

The external parasites are lice and mites. The lice live under their wings while the mites live in cracks and openings during the day but come out at night to feast on the chickens by sucking their blood and causing great discomfort.

The solution to parasites is to deworm the chickens regularly and use appropriate medication to treat them against the external parasites.

 Sudden change in lightning
The lighting should be steady and sudden flashes of light and frequent interruption of light should be avoided as these adversely affect egg production.
Also, sudden loud noises around the farm can frighten the chickens and can hinder egg production.

 Diseases
Diseases are the major cause of drop in egg production in layers chickens. The health administration should be handled meticulously by trained personnel. Chicken health is sensitive. Sick chickens are to be isolated in a sick bay for treatment and recuperation. The vaccine plan must be strictly adhered to.

 Vaccine stress reaction
Some of the vaccines administered to the chickens can create negative reactions in the chickens such as stress. Therefore anti-stress drugs should be administered before and after the administration of certain types of vaccines.

 Excessive medication
Excessive medication should also be avoided because the chickens may become drug dependent. Excessive medication can affect egg turnover. Therefore, drugs should be given when necessary and over medication in volume and frequency must be avoided.

 Cannibalism
Cannibalism occurs when chickens confined in the same pen peck on each others toes, back and feathers causing serious injuries.
Suggested solutions are as follows:
Ensure adequate floor spacing based on the recommended floor spacing
Ensure the chicken pen is adequately ventilated
Ensure the feed contains enough salt
Ensure balanced feeding and watering
Ensure uniform light spacing
De-beak the birds at the appropriate times
Isolate injured birds as quickly as possible not to infect the rest

 Infections
Ensure that you purchase healthy stock of chickens with proven health status free from any infections when starting the farm

 Sanitation
Ensure high hygienic standards as chickens do not perform well in unclean environs

 Inadequate floor spacing
Adequate floor spacing prevents overcrowding and poor ventilation is a serious health hazard. Therefore, the pens must be properly ventilated without blocking the sources of air and light.

 Poor feeding and poor watering
Ensure balanced feeding
Avoid sudden changes in feeding formula
Avoid over feeding the chickens
Avoid water starvation as it will surely lead to drop in egg production

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