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Poultry Farming for Nigerians: How to Write A Poultry Business Plan   Leave a comment

Post 40

You are welcome to this informative poultry blog for Nigerians interested in the chicken farming business and who need the right information that works for them.

In this 40th post, i am discussing about poultry business plans.

No matter what kind or size of business you are starting, it is very important to create a business plan. It will be your road map to success. It communicates your understanding of the business and it makes reasonable assumptions and forecasts of sales, expenses, and cash flow.

When writing your business plan, it is important to keep in mind for whom you are writing it. If you are writing a business plan for an investor or a bank you should assume that they know nothing about your business and industry. Also, keep your business plan short and to the point.

If you were a bank officer, would you rather read a sixty-page plan or a seven-page plan? Bankers and investors want just the facts – all of the facts – but just the facts. If, on the other hand, you are writing a business plan just for yourself, you should construct it to suit your needs. It should indicate your goals and what strategies you will put in place to achieve the goals.

If you are writing a business plan for an investor or a bank, the following information and format is recommended. Note: This information is also important for an informal business plan).


This is a one page summary of your business plan. It should include:

• A very short history of the business.
• The amount and type of financing required.
• The amount of equity (money) already invested and collateral offered.
• The purpose for which the money will be used.
• A very short summary of owner experience in industry and business viability.

The table of contents lists the major divisions of your plan. The page numbers
where each section begins should also be indicated.

I. The Business
II. Products/Services Offered
III. Market Analysis
IV. Marketing Plan
V. Management and Personnel
VI. Financial Data
A. Sources and Uses of Funds
B. Balance Sheet
C. Cash Flow Projection
D. Financial Assumptions
VII. Appendices and Supporting Documents

This section describes your business and the industry you are in. It should include :

• The current status of the business (start-up, existing, acquisition).
• The business structure (sole-proprietor, corporation) and ownership structure.
• Products/services your business offers.
• Suppliers of your products.
• What differentiates your business from your competitors.
• Description of business location and hours of operation.
• Short and long term goals.


This section describes the products and/or services that your business provides. It should be written so that a lay person can easily understand. Write a short paragraph about your primary products/services and indicate:

• A short description of products/services.
• Price structure of the product/service.
• Percentage of total gross sales that the product/service comprises.
• Which products/services are the most profitable.
• Any changes you foresee.
You should also include a list of other products/services and any special or
unique features.


This section is one of the most important. It is imperative that you demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about your business’s environment.

To be updated.

Chicken Farming in Nigeria: One of the Secrets No One Tells You!   Leave a comment

Post 39

Chicken farming is a profitable but sensitive business. Many Nigerians are scared to venture into this business despite the facts that it can be lucrative if well managed; has a stable demand pattern; has no cultural or religious taboos affecting it and has a large guaranteed market. The common fear is high mortality rates. That is now a fear based largely on ignorance. The business has much developed that starters are doing it with very low mortality rates and smiling to the bank.

One of the sensitives and secret to success in chicken farming in Nigeria is that you must limit the influx of persons into your chicken farm to the very barest minimum. Those going in there must be strictly limited to persons who have business doing in it.Your chicken farm is not an excursion site or tourist center for visitors to come visiting like a zoo. Allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry access into the farm especially the chicken pen sections can have a negative impact on the fortunes of the farm. Apart from being a disease control violation, there are other dangers that can impact negatively.

If you have a layers chicken farm, you must take this warning very seriously. As much as possible, do not allow even the customers for eggs to come into the chicken pen area.  Make it strictly ‘Out of Bounds to Non-Staff’. You can set up a farm office elsewhere where you take the eggs to, for the customers to buy.It could be a rented store in another location.

A word is enough for the wise! Wisdom is the principal thing, apply it with tact.

For some of the testimonies, click on the link

John Ayodele



Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Seeing Mr. Michael’s Farm is Believing It Is Possible   Leave a comment

Post 36

This is the 36th post on this informative poultry blog for set up to encourage Nigerians to venture into poultry farming business and to do it with the barest minimum upset (if any). There are many highly informative posts below this which detail the natty gritty in this sensitive but lucrative business. If you are looking for a viable business, which products are in high demand in Nigeria, recession-proof and guaranteed with a large in-exhaustible market, please go for layers chicken farming and you will not regret it…Guaranteed!

The guarantee is largely based on knowing what to do and doing it rightly, diligently and meticulously.

One of the posts below, the 34th post is the story of Mr. Michael, a UK based Nigerian who came across this blog in 2013. He read the whole blog and then acquired the available reports. Then on the strength of the information gathered on the blog, both free posts and the blog manuals, he set up a 2000 bird layers chicken farm in the Ikorodu axis in Lagos State and the farm is thriving today. Yet he is still resident in the UK. And a starter for this matter!

In November 2014,i visited the farm on his invitation and was highly impressed with what i saw. There are about 2000 layers chickens in battery cages in a flushing system chicken pen that are recommended on this blog. The farm is in a rural part which is a perfect setting for the business.There is a farm house on site and a borehole. There are experienced farm attendants who have passion and interest in chickens. And he has a trusted and capable farm manager in charge of the farm in his absence. The eggs produced are attractive good sized eggs. The farm operations runs well and the chickens in top rate health.

An error that i observed and notified the farm for immediate correction was the absence of a disinfected foot bath at the entrance of the chicken pen. This is a disease control measure, very important!

He did very little marketing and the farm was flooded by egg vendors looking for eggs to buy. He was surprised how they knew he had a farm in that locale. That is the nature of the layers chicken farming business.The customers come looking for you to buy eggs from you, not you looking for them to buy from you. They will find you out wherever your farm is hidden!

He is not the only testimony that this blog has produced.I assure you that if you follow this blog and apply its guides diligently and meticulously, you cannot miss your way in the business. Do not listen to all those discouraging stories you hear about the poultry business. Most of them are based on hearsay and are false. Some of those speaking evil about the business have not even done it.

If Mr Michael based in the UK has not regretted; if Mr Muyiwa also in Ikorodu has not regretted;If Mr Usman in Kano has not regretted;if Madam Ngozi in Kebbi has not regretted; if Ifiok and Christopher in Akwa Ibom have not regretted setting up their chicken farms based on this blog information, how can you regret if you do what they did the right way? There are more testimonies besides the above whose names cannot be mentioned now. Many are published in the link below:

Chicken farming is one of the most viable businesses in Nigeria yet one of the most dreaded because of the mostly false stories paraded about it by mostly ignorant persons. The market is guaranteed in Nigeria and the products are in demand any day.In fact the supply is below the demand. You are sure of selling the eggs…guaranteed!

Consider the poultry farming business. It is sensitive anyway but the sensitivity is manageable based on the information at your disposal and your ability to apply the information at the right time. The business is simple, but not easy. Simple because its processes are straight forward but not easy because the processes require meticulous and diligent application. If you are lazy or expecting overnight riches, this is not the business for you!

Warning: If you cannot give the chickens the level of attention required, or cannot put in place the personnel who can give the level of attention required, please do not do the business. Rather, go open a business like a book store, car shop or cement store.


For faster access to the blog reports, click on the link

For links to the top 10 patronized posts on this blog, click on the link

John Ayodele


Poultry Business in Nigeria: Frozen Poultry Meat Business Opportunity   Leave a comment

Post 35

This is an informative poultry blog set up mainly for Nigerians interested in the right information to do well in small poultry farming business in Nigeria. If you are looking for a viable small business to do and need solid details, create the time to read this highly acclaimed poultry blog where John Ayodele shares his knowledge and experience.

You must pay attention to this blog for the following reasons:

  • It is the most informative poultry blog containing unique details, set up for Nigerians.
  • The chicken business is one of the most viable businesses in Nigeria. Poultry production is increasing and will continue to grow. The demand for eggs is above the supply in Nigeria. Nigeria is the number 1 egg producing country in Africa but demand is ahead of supply.The market is moving towards poultry meat processing.The potentialities in the poultry sector in Nigeria are vast and anyone can cash in at micro,small,medium,large or mega levels.There is money to be made in this sector.
  • This blog’s resources have benefited not a few Nigerians who have acted and set up chicken farms based on the information acquired here. To view some of the published testimonies, click the link or copy the links and paste on your browser,or read the article immediately below this post.
  • This blog contains about 36 educative and informative articles, accessible for free, which makes a difference between success and failure in the chicken farming business. To access the links to the top 10 posts or the most patronized posts, click on…
  • The poultry reports (8 in number) on this blog are the best in terms of cost and content for a starter. Get details in the post  directly below this or click on the link:
  • If you can read this blog, one fact is certain: you cannot miss your way if you can act on the information on this blog, provided you are diligent and meticulous in applying the guidelines.
  • There are 36 comprehensively loaded articles on this blog for free reading. Read as many of them them or read all.
  • All the essential aspects of the business which include medication,feasibility,costing & profit analysis,feeding analysis and others are extensively discussed in the 36 blog posts and 8 poultry reports.

In this post, I am presenting one of the related viable money making opportunities in the poultry industry. Frozen poultry is massively imported into Nigeria via smuggling routes. This item is contraband in the Import Prohibition List which you can confirm from the Nigerian Customs Service Website.

The fact that it is smuggled and massively consumed indicates that there is a wide gap in the local market that needs to be bridged. But the product is considered poisonous because a chemical known as formalin, normally used to preserve corpses is used to preserve the imported frozen poultry to keep it fresh till it gets to the Nigerian consumer. Formalin is a cancer causing chemical capable of causing liver and kidney diseases. Therefore, it is a dangerous chemical unsafe for human consumption. Since the day i learned of this formalin,i stopped buying imported frozen poultry.

Nigerians prefer frozen poultry for a number of reasons that border on convenience:

  • It saves them the stress of slaughtering live chickens and processing them for consumption. Some are really scared of slaughtering an animal.
  • Frozen poultry is easily accessible as frozen food stores exist in every residential area in Nigeria.
  • Imported frozen chicken is cheaper than local frozen poultry, but more unsafe for consumption where dangerous chemicals have been used to preserve it. The local frozen poultry is more nutritious and safer but costlier. Imported frozen poultry is costlier in the long run if we consider the likely medical bills treating cancer, liver and kidney ailments that may result from consuming formalin used to preserve the product.

There is nothing bad with frozen poultry if it is properly preserved without dangerous chemicals and if it spends not longer than 6 months in the store. As a potential investor, where do you come in? You have 2 options as follows:

1) Set up a poultry farm to breed your own chickens, process them into locally produced frozen poultry and market to the consumers. For effective farm set up, read this blog.

2) Buy live chickens from farmers and process into frozen poultry for the consumers.

To invest in local frozen poultry business, you need to invest in slaughtering and De-feathering machinery, packaging and storage facilities as well as marketing strategies to convince the ignorant Nigerian to patronize your costlier, but safer and more nutritious local frozen chicken. The imported but dangerous frozen poultry costs about N700.00/kilo while the safer to consume local frozen poultry costs about N1600.00.

This is a viable money making idea for Nigerians especially the foreign based ones seeking for viable businesses to set up in Nigeria. Home based Nigerians looking for what to do in retirement can also consider this business. The unemployed Nigerian graduate, who can put on his thinking cap, can also set up in this business, starting small.

Some facts are sure: Nigeria has no business importing frozen poultry which can easily be produced at home to provide employment and create wealth for her citizens. Nigeria has no business importing poisonous poultry meat that increase the numbers of cancer, liver and kidney patients in the long run.

The market is shifting to local frozen meat processing as there is a huge gap to bridge in the market.Do your research to confirm what i am saying here and set up if you can.The local frozen meat production is the business of the future for foresighted investors who can key into it now.

John Ayodele

Chicken Farming in Nigeria: How UK Based Mr. Michael Set Up His Farm   Leave a comment

Post 33

This is the 33rd post on this highly acclaimed poultry blog set up for the benefit of Nigerians interested in small chicken farming business and who need to have the right details.If you are a Nigerian and seeking for the information that works in the business, then you are welcome to

I received the mail below from Mr Micheal,a UK based Nigerian who used this blog resources to set up a 2200 layers chicken farm in the Ikorodu axis in Lagos State in Nigeria.He wrote:

Good day Mr Ayodele,
How are you today and hope all is well with you and the family?
I just want to inform you about the good news with regards to my poultry which started operation in November 2013. Also to thank you for all the advice you gave before I started the poultry. May God continue to bless you and increase your wisdom, in the poultry industry.
I started with 2244 day old chicks and till date , we only have 23 mortality which I’m so happy about. The chickens will be put in the cage next week and hope fully will soon start laying the golden eggs. Although its cash intensive but it is worth it, if it’s done properly because it needs somebody that is very hard working and ready to put in the effort.
Once again a big thank you for your advice and also the poultry reports were very useful for a new comer like me. I will send some pictures to show the development from day old chicks to now.
Kind regards

That is the mail from Mr Michael,a UK based Nigerian who has taken the bull by the horns based on the information which he got from this informative blog.He got six poultry reports in 2012. The reports have since been expanded to include Reports 7 & 8 as well as Bonus 6 which Mr Michael does not have.And the present bundle of 8 reports and 7 bonuses now come at a cheaper cost than what Mr Michael paid for the previous bundle of 6 reports & 5 bonuses.

He actually purchased 2200 day old chickens and was given 44 extra.For every 50,you get 1 extra.So the loss of 23 is within the extra 44.As far as i know, he has not lost any since the 2200 are intact. If you are one of the UK based Nigerians interested in the business,what are you waiting for? if Mr.Michael can do it,why cant you? He is still resident in the UK and his farm is in Lagos.

For the link to the 8 Poultry Reports & 6 Bonuses, click on
For the link to the top 10 or the most patronized posts on this blog,click on
But do not stop there.

Read and digest all blog posts.The 8 reports & 7 bonuses are a must have, but the free posts are also a  must read if you want to know the business to make a difference.On the basis of the posts,you have adequate guides to confidently set up and do well in the chicken business. But you have to create the time to read this blog because the posts are many.To get gold,you have to dig deep into the soil.Therefore,you have to dig deep on this blog to hit gold.
John Ayodele

Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Get Cheap Loans For Set Up   4 comments

Post 28

This is one of the loaded posts on this highly acclaimed,informative poultry blog set up for Nigerians interested in poultry farming business,who need the right information that will set them on the right path,with minimum upset and with smiles on their faces.If you are new here,i advise you to create the time and the patience to read,study and digest all the posts on this blog if you are a Nigerian really interested in chicken farming business.

Poultry Farming is one of the viable businesses that anyone can do starting at a small scale.It is true that many of the unemployed Nigerians have no access to capital required to set up a business.It is true that some of the commercial banks are not willing to finance agricultural ventures especially chicken farming.

A bank known as the Bank of Agriculture,owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria is giving out loans to genuine farmers who can prove their genuineness.The F.G.N has provisioned N200 Billion as loans to farmers and the steps to access the loan are straight forward if you are a genuine person with genuine intentions.If you are an unemployed Nigerian graduate looking for paid employment,pay attention to this post and take a step of faith to key into it.

The steps to obtain the loan are as follows:
1) Locate the office of the Bank of Agriculture that covers the area or local government area where your farm is situated and open an account with the bank with a minimum deposit of N3000.00

2) For the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements, you must present your NEPA Bill which confirms your place of residence + any of the approved means of identification such as International Passport, Drivers License, National Identity Card or Voters Registration Card.

3) Other requirements are:
Complete and signed account form
Complete and signed mandate card
Present 4 passport photographs of yourself

4) You must run and operate the account for at least 3 -6months before applying for the loan. Do not think that you can just open the account, abandon it and show up after 6 months for the loan. The loan is not the usual national cake and the bank, newly repositioned, is not fooled. If you play that old game, the bank will doubt your integrity and commitment to repay the loan if granted and that means you may not get it.

Running and operating the loan means that you make it an active account. This means making sure that you save money and withdraw from the account on a regular basis. The bank wants to see that there are transactions going on in the account. Therefore, you should make regular deposits and withdrawals on the account during the 6 month period to create an active relationship that makes the bank have confidence in you.

5) You must have an existing farm, at a fixed location and the farm must have its record of operations and activities on a daily basis neatly kept. The era of armchair farmers/political farmers/farms of no fixed address/classroom farmers are over. The bank will visit your farm for inspection when you apply for the loan.

6) The bank will check what you have on ground; see how far you have gone; what the loan is required for, and ensure that the loan is appropriate for what it is required. The bank wants to know whether you have an adequate knowledge of your area of farming business. You must be able to demonstrate the practical hands-on experience in your area of farming. The bank wants to know whether you have a project you are working on and the fund requirements. And within a month of the inspection, the loan will be approved if the bank is satisfied.

You can obtain a loan of N250,000.00 from the Bank of Agriculture without any collateral.With this amount,you can set up a small backyard chicken business that will pay more than the elusive salary job you are seeking. Some graduates earn N15,000.00 monthly in the name of earning a salary.What a pity!I will show you how to go about setting up a small chicken business with as low as N250,000.00.

One Mr Christopher,a graduate based in Akwa Ibom State,following this blog, started with 87 day old broilers and with a budget of N70,000.00. He lost only 3 of them and sold the remaining 84 at 7 weeks old for N1000.00 each. He made a neat profit.He is now looking for land to buy to do it on a larger scale.

What are you waiting for?
Get the location ready and put it into preparation before inviting the bank for inspection.
Then, go open an account with the Bank of Agriculture and operate it as required for at least 6 months.Make an estimate of the farm’s fund requirements and get it ready before applying for the loan.
If you need an idea about the funding requirements to set up a small chicken farm, the poultry reports on this blog has the full details.

To access any of the 8 chicken reports,click on
For the link to the top 10 or the most patronized posts on this blog,
click on

Do not be discouraged if you are not a farmer already or do not have a farm.Take steps to set up one by getting all the information required as a 1st step.You must demonstrate that you have genuine intentions.First,have an adequate knowledge of the business.In view of this you are advised to read all the posts on this blog. Then open the account,operate it as required and apply for the loan based on the funding requirements.

An average unemployed Nigerian graduate deceives himself,carries an expensive mobile phone,has the money to spend at an eatery with his girlfriend,has the money and time to write countless applications for non-existing salaried jobs but has no money to pay peanuts for the information that will turn his fortunes around.There is a price tag and an opportunity cost to everything in life.
John Ayodele

”Poultry(Chicken) Farming in Nigeria”: How to do Culling in Chickens   1 comment

Post 27

This is the 27th post on this poultry blog for the benefit of Nigerians interested in chicken farming business.You are advised to read,study and digest all the posts on this blog if you want to succeed in the business and do it without tears.

Here, i am discussing culling.I will also discuss a tested formulation that greatly reduces mortality in chickens. Culling is the removal of underdeveloped and unproductive chickens from the flock. You see, a few chickens may not develop and you keep feeding them.Some may not produce eggs and you keep feeding them.What is the use? Are you not losing money? Culling enables you to identify them, remove them and keep them elsewhere in order to give them a chance to develop; or to sell them.Culling is an essential activity in the business.

Anyway, the numbers affected is usually an insignificant proportion of the flock.So you may not bother because the result that you will get from 80 – 85 % of the flock is adequate to give you a good return on investment.For further details of the result you can get from 80% of the flock, consult the Cost Analysis Report on this blog in the link

There is a simple test you can conduct that enables you to identify a layers chicken the flock among that will not lay any eggs with a 90% accuracy.If a medical doctor can carry out tests that show that a woman is infertile and may not carry a baby in the womb,you can carry out a simple test that tells you a layers chicken will not lay any eggs.

The formula is to measure the distance between the lay-bones of the chicken. If it falls within a certain range of figures,it is certain with a 90 percent accuracy that the chicken will not lay any eggs.You can also measure the distance between the breast bone and the lay bones. If the figure falls within a specific range, it is also certain that the chicken will not lay any eggs. This exercise is rather too academic and not realistic to carry out where you have many chickens. Do not bother about it.It is not recommended as it is unnecessary.

Apart from the above stated tests,there are other ways to identify productive or unproductive layers chickens.Generally, a productive layers chicken will be lively, have a good weight, have lively and bright eyes.If you have a productive flock of layers chickens, their egg production will rise quickly to the peak of production and the peak production will be high and will be sustained for a period of weeks.

John Ayodele


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