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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: The Preferred Business Without Taboos   Leave a comment

Poultry business is one of the best preferred businesses to do in Nigeria.

There are no taboos prohibiting the production and consumption of poultry products anywhere in Nigeria. The 150 million Nigerians consume poultry products in one form or the other. There are an estimated 20+ million households in Nigeria.

For example, you cannot set up a piggery in many parts of the North of Nigeria where the religion forbids consumption of pork.

Therefore, the chicken market is a far larger and guaranteed market without any cultural/religious restrictions or prohibitions affecting it all over Nigeria.

You can set up a chicken farm in any part of Nigeria without having any troubled conscience as regards violating any religious or cultural taboos and you are sure of market patronage anywhere in Nigeria…Guaranteed!

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Poultry Farming for Nigerians: How to Determine Realistic Egg Production   Leave a comment

If you do not have the right details about the business and you just dabble into this sensitive business, you are likely to get poor results or lose your entire investment and come out with a tale of woe. Some people who rushed into it blindly and failed in it will not touch the business again even with a long pole.

The profitability:
Layer farming is the most lucrative of the three chicken types.The general rule is that a layer chick will lay an egg daily for 18-24 months but there are about 6 exceptions to this general rule. Some newbies are misled to believe that 500 layers will lay 500 eggs consistently, daily for 2 years.On this basis,they jump into the business on utterly wrong assumptions. So,do not believe anyone who tells you that 500 chickens will lay 500 eggs daily for 2 years.That is a capital LIE!

The egg production arithmetic does not work that way in real life as there are some exceptions. At the end of their laying period or when production drops drastically, you can sell an old layer for at least N1500.00 (Xmas 2016 prices) in Lagos especially during Christmas. The market for old layers is very large. If you are selling 500 birds after laying eggs for x number of months, you will earn about N750,000.00 from the sale which can be used to start another cycle…Guaranteed!

Poultry business is lucrative in Nigeria but there is a price to pay to manage the chickens properly from inception and maintain them in excellent health.

The Challenge:
The challenge here is the ability to maintain a consistently healthy flock of chickens and the ability to keep them alive. It is a healthy chicken that will produce and its a living chicken that you can sell at the end of the laying period. A lot of effort goes into raising a healthy chicken. The full details of how to raise a healthy chicken for consistent egg production are in the layer and broiler poultry reports on this blog.

There are a lot of essential areas about the business that a beginner should be conversant with to be able to operate a profitable poultry farm. As a starter,you can start a small farm at home and operate it successfully and profitably without much stress and with minimum upset provided you know what to do and doing it at the right time because the chickens need attention. With N100k,you can set up a micro scale backyard farm rearing broilers and I can show you how to do it.

It is an interesting business to do. You are like their father and mother on the farm.If you can not pay the price to do what is right and to maintain close supervision,it is advisable not to invest in it unless you have a competent and reliable hand to represent your interest.Sort out the management issue before set up. You have been warned!

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Common Mistakes That Spoil The Business (2)   1 comment

Marketing Mismanagement
Marketing ability to identify where the immediate and potential markets are before starting the business is important, to be able to sell the products at the appropriate time. The eggs have a short shelf life and it is unwise to continue to feed matured birds for long periods after maturity for sale without selling them.

Though markets for poultry products are many in Nigeria,a farmer may need to consult to find a market and sell o time to avoid losses. Therefore, marketing mismanagement or an inadequate marketing plan or inadequate marketing strategies to sell poultry products at the appropriate time can cause losses to the farmer.

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Boost Egg Production   1 comment

How to increase egg production in layers chickens

You are welcome to my poultry blog that teaches you how to set up and manage a small and profitable poultry farm with the barest minimum upset, smiling to the bank.

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I have received calls from some farmers who complained about poor egg production from their layers chickens.

There are various factors that can be responsible for poor egg production in layers chickens and include the following:
• Parasites
• Sudden changes in light
• Diseases
• Excessive medication
• Vaccination stress reactions
• Cannibalism
• Infections
• Sanitation and hygiene related issues
• Inadequate floor spacing and ventilation challenges
• Poor feeding and poor watering

 Parasites
Poultry parasites are either internal or external and pose serious discomfort to the chickens and can cause failing health for them.
The internal parasites are the worms that hinder the growth and development and also cause a drop in egg production by feeding on the chickens.

The external parasites are lice and mites. The lice live under their wings while the mites live in cracks and openings during the day but come out at night to feast on the chickens by sucking their blood and causing great discomfort.

The solution to parasites is to deworm the chickens regularly and use appropriate medication to treat them against the external parasites.

 Sudden change in lightning
The lighting should be steady and sudden flashes of light and frequent interruption of light should be avoided as these adversely affect egg production.
Also, sudden loud noises around the farm can frighten the chickens and can hinder egg production.

 Diseases
Diseases are the major cause of drop in egg production in layers chickens. The health administration should be handled meticulously by trained personnel. Chicken health is sensitive. Sick chickens are to be isolated in a sick bay for treatment and recuperation. The vaccine plan must be strictly adhered to.

 Vaccine stress reaction
Some of the vaccines administered to the chickens can create negative reactions in the chickens such as stress. Therefore anti-stress drugs should be administered before and after the administration of certain types of vaccines.

 Excessive medication
Excessive medication should also be avoided because the chickens may become drug dependent. Excessive medication can affect egg turnover. Therefore, drugs should be given when necessary and over medication in volume and frequency must be avoided.

 Cannibalism
Cannibalism occurs when chickens confined in the same pen peck on each others toes, back and feathers causing serious injuries.
Suggested solutions are as follows:
Ensure adequate floor spacing based on the recommended floor spacing
Ensure the chicken pen is adequately ventilated
Ensure the feed contains enough salt
Ensure balanced feeding and watering
Ensure uniform light spacing
De-beak the birds at the appropriate times
Isolate injured birds as quickly as possible not to infect the rest

 Infections
Ensure that you purchase healthy stock of chickens with proven health status free from any infections when starting the farm

 Sanitation
Ensure high hygienic standards as chickens do not perform well in unclean environs

 Inadequate floor spacing
Adequate floor spacing prevents overcrowding and poor ventilation is a serious health hazard. Therefore, the pens must be properly ventilated without blocking the sources of air and light.

 Poor feeding and poor watering
Ensure balanced feeding
Avoid sudden changes in feeding formula
Avoid over feeding the chickens
Avoid water starvation as it will surely lead to drop in egg production

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Chicken Farming in Nigeria: A Street Knowledge Secrets You Must Know!   1 comment

Post 39

Chicken farming is a profitable but sensitive business. Many Nigerians are scared to venture into this business despite the facts that it can be lucrative if well managed; has a stable demand pattern; has no cultural or religious taboos affecting it and has a large guaranteed market. The common fear is high mortality rates. That is now a fear based largely on ignorance. The business has much developed that starters are now doing it with very low mortality rates and smiling to the bank.

No one will tell you that one of the sensitives and secrets to success in chicken farming in Nigeria is that you must limit the influx of persons into your chicken farm to the very barest minimum. Those going in there must be strictly limited to persons who have business doing in it.Your chicken farm is not an excursion site or tourist center for visitors to come visiting like a zoo.

Allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry access into the farm especially the chicken pen sections can have a negative impact on the fortunes of the farm. Apart from being a disease control violation, there are other dangers that can impact negatively which i cannot state here.That is street knowledge not available in any book.  Just get it clear that a chicken farm is not a zoo where all manner of visitors come for fun.

If you have a layers chicken farm, you must take this warning very seriously. As much as possible, do not allow even the customers for eggs to come into the chicken pen area.  Make it strictly ‘Out of Bounds to Non-Staff’. You can set up a farm office elsewhere where you take the eggs to, for the customers to buy. It could be a rented store in another location.

A word is enough for the wise! Wisdom is the principal thing, apply it with tact.

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Poultry Farming: The Outcome of My Visit to Mr.Michael’s Farm   2 comments

Post 36

This is the 36th post on this informative poultry blog for set up to encourage Nigerians to venture into poultry farming business and to do it with the barest minimum upset. If you are looking for a viable business, which products are in high demand in Nigeria, recession-proof and guaranteed with a large in-exhaustible market, please go for layers chicken farming and you will not regret it…Guaranteed!

The guarantee is largely based on knowing what to do and doing it rightly, diligently and meticulously.

One of the posts below, the 34th post is the story of Mr. Michael, a UK based Nigerian who came across this blog in 2013. On the strength of what he read here, he set up a 2000 bird layers chicken farm in the Ikorodu axis in Lagos State and the farm is thriving today. Yet he is still resident in the UK.

In November 2014, i visited the farm on his invitation and was highly impressed with what i saw. There are close to 2000 layers chickens in battery cages in a flushing system chicken pen that are recommended on this blog. The farm is in a rural part which is a perfect setting for the business.There is a farm house on site and a borehole. There are experienced farm attendants who have passion and interest in chickens. And he has a trusted and capable farm manager in charge of the farm in his absence. The eggs produced are attractive good sized eggs. The farm operations runs well and the chickens in top rate health.

An error that i observed and notified the farm for immediate correction was the absence of a disinfected foot bath at the entrance of the chicken pen. This is a disease control measure, very important that should not be neglected!

He did very little marketing and the farm was flooded by egg vendors looking for eggs to buy. He was surprised how they knew he had a farm in that locale. That is the nature of the layers chicken farming business.The customers come looking for you to buy eggs from you, not you looking for them to buy from you. They will find you out wherever your farm is hidden!

If Mr Michael based in the UK has not regretted; if Mr Muyiwa also in Ikorodu has not regretted;If Mr Usman in Kano has not regretted;if Madam Ngozi in Kebbi has not regretted; if Ifiok and Christopher in Akwa Ibom have not regretted setting up their chicken farms based on this blog information, how can you regret if you do what they did the right way?

Warning: If you cannot give the chickens the level of attention required, or cannot put in place the personnel who can give the level of attention required, please do not do the business. Rather, go open a business like a book store, car shop or cement store where you can fold your arms.


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Poultry Business in Nigeria: Frozen Poultry Meat Business Opportunity   Leave a comment

Post 35
In this post, I am presenting one of the related viable money making opportunities in the poultry industry. Frozen poultry is massively imported into Nigeria via smuggling routes. This item is contraband in the Import Prohibition List which you can confirm from the Nigerian Customs Service Website.

The fact that it is smuggled and massively consumed indicates that there is a wide gap in the local market that needs to be bridged. But the product is considered poisonous because a chemical known as formalin, normally used to preserve corpses is used to preserve the imported frozen poultry to keep it fresh till it gets to the Nigerian consumer. Formalin is a cancer causing chemical capable of causing liver and kidney diseases. Therefore, it is a dangerous chemical unsafe for human consumption.

Nigerians prefer frozen poultry for a number of reasons that border on convenience:

  • It saves them the stress of slaughtering live chickens and processing them for consumption. Some are really scared of slaughtering an animal.
  • Frozen poultry is easily accessible as frozen food stores exist in every residential area in Nigeria.
  • Imported frozen chicken is cheaper than local frozen poultry, but more unsafe for consumption where dangerous chemicals have been used to preserve it. The local frozen poultry is more nutritious and safer but costlier. Imported frozen poultry is costlier in the long run if we consider the likely medical bills treating cancer, liver and kidney ailments that may result from consuming formalin used to preserve the product.

There is nothing bad with frozen poultry if it is properly preserved without dangerous chemicals and if it spends not longer than 6 months in the store. As a potential investor, where do you come in? You have 2 options as follows:

1) Set up a poultry farm to breed your own chickens, process them into locally produced frozen poultry and market to the consumers OR

2) Buy live chickens from farmers and process into frozen poultry for the consumers.

To invest in local frozen poultry business, you need to invest in slaughtering and De-feathering machinery, packaging and storage facilities as well as marketing strategies to convince the ignorant Nigerian to patronize your costlier, but safer and more nutritious local frozen chicken. The imported but dangerous frozen poultry costs about N700.00/kilo while the safer to consume local frozen poultry costs about N1600.00. When more investors come in,the price will come down as it was in the mobile phone business.

This is a viable money making idea for Nigerians especially the foreign based ones seeking for viable businesses to set up in Nigeria. Home based Nigerians looking for what to do in retirement can also consider this business. The unemployed Nigerian graduate, who can put on his thinking cap, can also set up in this business, starting small.

Some facts are sure: Nigeria has no business importing frozen poultry which can easily be produced at home to provide employment and create wealth for her citizens. Nigeria has no business importing poisonous poultry meat that increase the numbers of cancer, liver and kidney patients in the long run.

The market is shifting to local frozen meat processing as there is a huge gap to bridge in the market.Do your research to confirm what i am saying here and set up if you can.The local frozen meat production is the business of the future for foresighted investors who can key into it now.

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