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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Essential Facts for Starters to Note   Leave a comment

A layers chicken having a cold will not lay any eggs.

Plenty of fresh air is essential to the health of the birds.

Proper ventilation ensures an exchange of air. Pure air means adequate oxygen and contaminated air means a lack of oxygen and poisonous gases.

A laying hen in deep litter needs exercise, essential to good health, egg production and fertility.

Make the house rat proof and a concrete floor is the best. Rats consume large amounts of chicken feed, pollute the feed and can cause death to the chickens.

Top of the floor should be one foot above the surrounding areas to ensure that it is dry in the rainy season.

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Poultry Farming: How to tackle egg pilferages and other losses   Leave a comment

One of the problems many small farmers in Nigeria have is egg pilferage by dishonest farm attendants. Where the farmer is an absentee who does not have the time to be in the farm but leaves the farm in the care of the attendants who are dishonest and who steal the eggs, the farm may collapse where small drops soon become an ocean and where the thefts are not checked.

There is no control system that can be 100% effective to stop egg pilferage where the farmer is an absentee and has dishonest farm attendants in charge who steal the eggs. Though it may not be possible to rule out pilferage and thefts completely, it can be reduced to the barest minimum.

There are several ways dishonest farm attendants steal and one of the main avenues is egg pilfering.  One method to tackle egg pilferage is as follows:

When the chickens have commenced egg production and have reached the peak of production and laying consistently, the farmer will be on the farm with the attendants collecting and recording the eggs for one to two weeks.

Then he will calculate what the average collection per day or per week is and this is the figure the attendants must deliver daily henceforth. If the chickens produce above the stated average, they can take the excess but the daily delivery must not fall below the stated average. If it falls, they will have to pay for the shortfall. Make that the rule and condition of their service on the farm.

When the chickens’ egg production enters into the diminishing phase, the farmer has to be there again for a week to calculate a new average collection per day and per week for the attendants to work with. Ensure that the chickens are adequately fed and vaccinated to ensure they are in top range health to produce the eggs.

The above is a suggested effective control for small and micro scale farms to minimize losses from egg pilfering to the barest minimum. This is desirable where the farm may not be able to afford to deploy and maintain technologies like CCTV to monitor the activities of the staff.

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: How to Manage Your Chicken Stock Effectively   Leave a comment

Another reason why many small poultry farmers run into problems is their inability to manage their stock of chickens effectively from inception of the farm. A poor chicken management strategy leads to high mortality rates which are the major scare in Nigeria.

Mortality is inevitable but the normal acceptable rate is 8% of the stock per year. Where you have 500 chickens, your maximum acceptable mortality should not exceed 40 chickens if you have good management strategies in place.

To ensure that the mortality does not exceed 8% of the stock per year, there are several issues to take note of. One of them is:

 Start the farm with disease free chicken stock. To start the farm with diseased or sick chickens is a sure and fast lane to disaster in the business. You must buy the chickens from reliable and credible sources.

There are several good sources in Nigeria with good reputation where healthy and disease free chickens can be purchased. Two of the highly recommended sources are Animal Care Konzult and CHI Farms.
You can start the farm with day old chicks or point of lay chickens as a first timer. Starting with day old chicks for a first timer could be a nightmare if the first timer farmer has no experience in handling day old chicks.

The first six weeks in the life of the chicken (the brooder phase) is sensitive which requires good handling else many of the chickens could be lost and which can dampen morale and discourage the farmer.
It could be wiser for a first timer to start with point of lay chickens about 15 weeks old and above which have outgrown the brooder phase and have matured considerably. However, the chickens must be in top range health at the time of purchase.

The vendor should tell you what they have been vaccinated against and what needs to be done in the weeks ahead and  give you their vaccination schedule for you to follow up. Where the vendor cannot give these sensitive details of the health status of the chickens, do not buy.

In addition, you have to inspect the birds to ensure that they are really healthy and there are several things about the birds to take note of during the inspection. A vendor can be dishonest who gives a false report of their vaccination. The physical inspection of the chickens adds value.

Where a farmer starts with diseased chickens, he would have gone far with them and expended much resource in terms of time invested, energy invested, money, feeds and other expenditure before the symptoms begin to manifest and the results could be disastrous.

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Veterinary Services, Indispensable to Success!   1 comment

One of the major reasons why many small farmers in Nigeria run into serious problems in this business is their neglect of veterinary services. Prevention is always better than cure as far as diseases are concerned but many deliberately and ignorantly wait for diseases to occur before running helter-skelter for a solution which may be too late.

When a farmer thinks he is ‘wise’ in his own eyes, or has a penny wise but pound foolish mindset, he will dispense with veterinary services and turn around later to lament that the chicken farming business is failure prone.

Some farmers believe that a veterinary service is an unnecessary cost, while some believe they can handle the chicken medication as laymen. Many do not see any difference between the hybrid and the local chicken and think that the hybrid can survive without vaccination.

The chickens need prompt and regular vaccination which is meant to keep them in top range health status and protect them from the diseases they were vaccinated against. There is a vaccination time table or program which must be strictly followed with quality drugs and vaccines.

No matter how small the chicken farm, it is highly recommended to have competent veterinary personnel visiting the farm periodically for inspection and management of the birds’ health issues to avoid unpleasant occurrences in the farm.

Veterinary services are indispensable to success and good results in the chicken farming business and must on no account be neglected. It is advised that the chicken farmer have a copy of the vaccination schedule from inception of the farm and be the one to put the veterinary personnel on notice when medication is due.

There are some medications which the farmer can handle himself as a layman but it should be as directed by the veterinary personnel. Their fees are not costly but depend on the size of the farm, number of chickens and work load involved.

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: The Preferred Business Without Taboos   Leave a comment

Poultry business is one of the best preferred businesses to do in Nigeria.

There are no taboos prohibiting the production and consumption of poultry products anywhere in Nigeria. The 150 million Nigerians consume poultry products in one form or the other. There are an estimated 20+ million households in Nigeria.

For example, you cannot set up a piggery in many parts of the North of Nigeria where the religion forbids consumption of pork. Therefore, the chicken market is a far larger and guaranteed market without any cultural/religious restrictions or prohibitions affecting it all over Nigeria.

You can set up a chicken farm in any part of Nigeria without having any troubled conscience as regards violating any religious or cultural taboos and you are sure of market patronage anywhere in Nigeria…Guaranteed!

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Poultry Farming for Nigerians: How to Determine Realistic Egg Production   Leave a comment

If you do not have the right details about the business and you just dabble into this sensitive business, you are likely to get poor results or lose your entire investment and come out with a tale of woe. Some people who rushed into it blindly and failed in it will not touch the business again even with a long pole.

The profitability:
Layer farming is the most lucrative of the three chicken types.The general rule is that a layer chick will lay an egg daily for 18-24 months but there are about 6 exceptions to this general rule. Some newbies are misled to believe that 500 layers will lay 500 eggs consistently, daily for 2 years.On this basis,they jump into the business on utterly wrong assumptions. So,do not believe anyone who tells you that 500 chickens will lay 500 eggs daily for 2 years.That is a capital LIE!

The egg production arithmetic does not work that way in real life as there are some exceptions. At the end of their laying period or when production drops drastically, you sell them. The market for old layers is very large. Poultry business is still lucrative in Nigeria but there is a price to pay to manage the chickens properly from inception and maintain them in excellent health.

The Challenge:
The challenge here is the ability to maintain a consistently healthy flock of chickens and the ability to keep them alive. It is a healthy chicken that will produce and its a living chicken that you can sell at the end of the laying period.A lot of effort goes into raising a healthy chicken

There are a lot of essential areas about the business that a beginner should be conversant with to be able to operate a profitable poultry farm. As a starter,you can start a small farm at home and operate it successfully and profitably without much stress and with minimum upset provided you know what to do and doing it at the right time.

It is an interesting business to do. You are like their father and mother on the farm.If you can not pay the price to do what is right and to maintain close supervision,it is advisable not to invest in it unless you have a competent and reliable hand to represent your interest.Sort out the management issue before set up. You have been warned!
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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Common Mistakes That Spoil The Business (2)   1 comment

Marketing Mismanagement
Marketing ability to identify where the immediate and potential markets are before starting the business is important, to be able to sell the products at the appropriate time. The eggs have a short shelf life and it is unwise to continue to feed matured birds for long periods after maturity for sale without selling them.

Though markets for poultry products are many in Nigeria,a farmer may need to consult to find a market and sell o time to avoid losses. Therefore, marketing mismanagement or an inadequate marketing plan or inadequate marketing strategies to sell poultry products at the appropriate time can cause losses to the farmer.


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