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Chicken Farming in Nigeria:Reasons Why Some Nigerians Have Failed (2)   8 comments

This post is the 12th on this blog for the benefit of starters in the business.It encourages you to do the highly rewarding of chicken farming and teaches you how to avoid some pitfalls which some fell into through carelessness and ignorance.

Poultry business is viable in Nigeria. You can do it but must understand the variables first before investing a cent. Do not listen to false, unfounded stories about the business.There are so-called ‘experts’ who have not done the business but are discouraging others based on hearsay.

The initial 6-8 weeks is the most crucial in the life of a chicken requiring proper and experienced handling.The brooding phase is the foundation and what happens at this stage can determine future results in the business.Getting it wrong and loosing too many chickens in the brooding phase is one of the reasons for failure in the business because high losses can dampen one’s morale.

If you can scale through the brooding phase successfully with minimum loss, the rest of the journey in the chicken business is much easier but requiring meticulous application of variables which you must be conversant with.

There are many other reasons why some Nigerians have failed in the chicken farming business. One is the failure to conduct a feasibility study before starting out.You should know what to project in terms of realistic income expectation, feed estimation and farm structures to put up before starting the farm no matter how small it may be.

if your funds can sustain 500 birds and you set out with 1000 birds out of excitement,without knowing the feed cost requirements, you may have serious problems along the way which may lead to the collapse of the farm.Therefore, feasibility study is very essential to know how far your funds can go.

if you work your figures on the wrong assumption as many do that 500 chickens will lay 500 eggs daily for 2 years, you will come up with a false projection and start on a false note. if your expected wrong figures do not come to reality, you may become discouraged as some have done.

You should know how egg production figures work to arrive at a more realistic/reliable projection.
One of the reports on this blog named Report Number 4, ‘Cost Analysis Report’ teaches you the basics of egg production and how to project a reasonable/realistic egg production and revenue estimates.

Another reason for is that many Nigerians like seeking free information and hoping to thrive with it. There is nothing free even in Freetown.Usually,the free information comes as half-baked.The real one that works has a price attached to it.What i have for you for free in the posts on this blog is valuable but much more are in the poultry reports.

Another main reason is when an inexperienced starter decides to go it alone without support from a consultant.You need a consultant to guide you in this sensitive business.There are sensitive aspects that an inexperienced starter cannot handle without guidance.

Do not be scared of the costs as their service is cheap and wont cost you an arm or leg. But you have to make a diligent search for a reliable and competent consultant.

If you need quality information that will help you, you may have to pay for it where necessary or pay much more dearly for your ignorance later as some have done. A lady researching on the net got to know about a layers breed that consumes much less and produces eggs at a higher rate and wanted to set up that breed.

Fortunately, she came across this blog while looking for where to buy the breed in Lagos and she sought our counsel to get the breed for her. That breed is available in Nigeria but scarce. The breed produces eggs that are a hard sell in Nigeria, not preferred by buyers in the Nigerian market.

She would have set up a poultry breed which eggs would have been difficult to sell and end up frustrated. Before adopting an idea from the net, cross-check its applicability to our market.Not every information on the net is correct or applicable to our market. Please take note.

Another common reason is starting the farm with unhealthy chickens by buying chickens from the wrong sources which is a function of ignorance. The fastest lane to disaster in the business is to start with unhealthy chicks.You would have gone far into the business and expended huge sums of resources(time, money,energy,efforts) before the ugly effects of the error begin to manifest.

Another reason is that some Nigerians prefer cheap service and quackery. They fall easily into the hands of quacks. In this business, there are some parading as experts/consultants and are just experienced poultry attendants who worked on poultry farms. Truly, some of them are very knowledgeable in the business. There are many other reasons for failure highlighted in other posts on this blog.Try to read them

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Engage a poultry consultant or an experienced farmer to guide you. Sometimes,it may cost you a small fee.Do not be penny-wise,pound-foolish, who can not pay a paltry N5k for information that will work the business but will foolishly squander Nmillion doing the wrong things in ignorance, building on the wrong foundation which will eventually collapse.

Another reason is that a Nigerian sees another Nigerian doing a business and next thing is to blindly dive into it without studying the terrain in the business to know what works or does not work or how the other is coping.

Get information before you start the business. Do not rush into poultry farming because you have the money.If you rush in blindly, you may rush out with your eyes wide open,and a wiser person after wasting much money,time and energy.

The reports on this blog, to guide the newbie farmer are as follows:
1)How to set up and operate a profitable poultry (layer)farm in Nigeria :A Beginner’s guide
2)How to set up and operate a profitable broiler chicken farm
3)Compounded feed mix for layers and broilers & Mini feed mill set up (A Beginner’s Guide)
4)Cost Analysis Report for set up of a 1000 layer chicken farm (A Beginner’s Guide to cost of operations analysis)
5)Chicken Disease-control & Vaccine Administration Report(A Beginner’s Guide)
6)Poultry Control Report for Starters ( a must for layer chicken farmers,contains uncommon details)
7) Financials(Profitability Analysis) for 1000 layers and 1000 broilers for 12 months on MS Excel Spreadsheet.(see blog post 18 above for details of contents)
8) Working Notes teaches you how to make the necessary calculations by yourself.

Attached to these reports are 8 unique bonuses that include:

A) Picture Guide: A standard layout design of a poultry farm.
With this, no need troubling yourself about the layout of the farm structures.
B) Picture Guide: A Brochure on poultry equipment and how to get them at the lowest prices
C) Cost of chicken pen construction for 5000 chickens/Breakdown of building materials provided by Infinity Ventures, a Pen Builder.
D)Picture Guide: Dimensions for Arrangement of Battery Cages in the Chicken Pen (exact measurements)
E)Picture Guide:Chicken Pen Floor Design showing exact measurements

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Poultry(Chicken) Farming in Nigeria: Are You Adequately Informed?   2 comments

This is the 10th post on this blog.
Are you REALLY interested in Poultry Farming Business?

A few days ago, i received a phone call from a Nigerian lady in the far North east of Nigeria. She has a micro scale poultry farm of about 300 layers chickens about a year old. Her problem was that her 300 chickens were producing a maximum of 50 eggs per day at age almost 12 months. The daily production of 50 eggs was ridiculous! Preposterously Ridiculous!

I was shocked to hear that and i asked her a few simple questions.I was amazed to hear that this lady went into poultry farming business without knowledge of what to do.She was totally unaware of some vital vaccines necessary to maintain the chickens in consistent good health for maximum performance for the production of eggs. Hers is a case study in ignorance of a person who dabbled into rearing layer chickens for a whole year experimenting on a trial and error basis without result. I told her what to do in terms of vaccines and there has been a significant improvement in egg production.

Based on this, i have produced an information guide for starters titled ”Chicken Disease Control and Vaccine Administration Report”. It discusses the more common chicken diseases, the causes, symptoms, prevention and cure. Also, the vaccines to administer from day one to end of laying period on the farm,explaining your limitations as a layman i.e. what you can do and cannot do.I do not encourage self-medication either in humans or animals because health is sensitive.However you will learn a lot from this report. For health issues,please consult experts trained in health administration either in human and animals.

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Poultry Farming : Know This…Before You Set Up Your Farm   8 comments

This is the 10th post on this blog.
Are you a Nigerian? Are you interested in Chicken Farming?

I wish to share with you my little knowledge and farm experience in Poultry Farming.This blog and its posts are targeted at people especially Nigerians who wish to invest in poultry farming business and who need accurate information and guidance about how to go about it.

Poultry farming is one of the most viable businesses any one can do either on a small or large scale. The bulk of Nigeria’s poultry needs is met by imports either directly or by smugglers which confirms the existence of a large market.The present high cost of chicken and eggs indicate the level of scarcity of the products. Besides the ready market awaiting the products, all the needed materials including feed and machinery are locally available here in Nigeria.

On this blog, you will be presented with sincere facts about the business, the beautiful as well as the ugly aspects of the business to give you a balanced opinion to make up your mind.You will see the two sides of the coin very clearly.

Setting up a poultry farm, the following are essential:
1) The chickens have special needs and you as a chicken farmer should be prepared to do what it takes to meet their needs.If you cannot, better to find another business.

2)Set up and operational costs (Cost Analysis)
You need to know the start-up & operational costs of the poultry venture before you start it. Some start foolishly,then get stuck and stranded along the way.The chickens don’t listen to your stories that there is no money to feed them.You must find the money quickly else you lose the whole investment.

3) It is essential that you understand the important and essential aspects of chicken farming which work together to make a profitable farm a reality.What has been posted on this blog is only the tip of the ice in poultry farming.There is much more detail to learn to be able to do well in it.There are essential management issues about the business which must be clearly understood and not to be taken for granted

4) See the business as an investment and pay attention to it.

5) Understand chicken housing design and minimum floor space requirements. Get it right before you start else you are in trouble.

6) The management of the farm is one of the most crucial elements i.e. who will manage the farm. Get an informed, capable and trusted person to manage the farm. If you cannot, please look for another business

For unique poultry reports on effective and efficient farm set up and operations,visit the poultry reports section @

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Poultry Farming in Nigeria: Broiler Chicken Farming Business   3 comments

This is the 8th post of this blog.

The major difference between a success and a failure in poultry farming is information and determination! The quality of information at the disposal of the farmer and the will to follow through matters much and makes much difference.

I will discuss some of the essentials on this blog for the benefit of starters for whom this blog was set up.The full detail is in the poultry reports. Before i go into the essentials, i want to discuss a bit about broiler farming as all the previous posts focused on layer farming business.

The fastest way to make money or to recoup your investment in poultry farming is through broiler chicken farming. Broilers are for meat production and can reared for 5-7-12 weeks.At 5-7 weeks, you can sell them to fast food companies.

The chicken business that will provide you with steady cash flow, daily income over a longer period of time and the more lucrative is layer farming for egg production.However, layer farming is more stressful and more capital intensive than broiler farming. You will rear layers for up to 18- 20-22 weeks before egg production starts and you will maintain them for another 15-18 months on the farm.

If you are supplying broilers to a fast food company, then you must have the financial resources to produce in thousands and regularly too.If you have a small budget, you can rear about 50-100 broilers in your backyard at home and sell at 12 weeks.You can rear them to target a festive period such as Christmas.

If you are rearing a small flock for Christmas, you should start by mid September to first week October and by mid-December, they are ready for sale. Then start selling from December 23 to January 1st.This is the period you can get the best possible prices.Endeavor to sell all by January 1 because,by the following day,January 2nd the prices may crash when demand falls.

If price crashes below your cost of production and you continue to feed the birds,that means you are making a loss.This means that you should produce what you can sell and have to put in extra effort to locate your own market.With good farm management, feeding techniques and marketing strategy,100% profit is assured.

In the layer farming business,once your chickens have commenced egg production,look for 5 egg retailers to tell within or outside your neighborhood..Within few days or weeks, you will see a stream of customers whom you did not tell knocking on your door asking for eggs.The market for eggs is very large.

The third type, the cockerel chicken reared for meat production goes through the same rearing processes as the layers and broilers.The three types have different vaccination schedules.The cockerel is a more rugged bird than the layers and broilers and can survive many odds much better than the others if properly vaccinated from inception. But many do not rear cockerels because they take too long to mature and if you sell in an off season you may make a loss, selling below cost of production.Timing of sale matters

If you are rearing a few broilers and cockerel as a backyard farmer,it is advised that you target a festival period where demand will be high and you can get good prices that will fetch you a clean profit.

The chicken farming business is real good business.Then, it is not as easy as it seems.It is a sensitive business but the risk is manageable.It requires hard work and prompt attention to details.For example,to do well in broiler farming, there are about four main challenges you must solve to have smooth farming operations.

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